External Blu Ray player

Hello ,
I just instal (internal storage) coreelec Matrix 19.3 on Minix u22xj
After this i have connect external Blu Ray player LG …and try test différent things :
Music cd work
DVD work
Blu Ray not work

I have search about this issue on coreelec forum …and have see différent posts with lot of “stuff”

So i Would Ask what i have exactly to do for playing Blu Rays with coreelec ,i have try in player settings/cd/Blu Ray the différent options but this change nothing …

Maybe someone can explain me how to do

Thank you

Try with this version: Java for BD-J menus - #483 by vpeter

After instal ,i have test différent Blu Ray but it not work ,i Can see the Blu Ray in vidéo file browser ,i can browse in the disc …but on the home page from coreelec if i clic on disc i Can chose play or eject disc ,play not work ,eject work …

So its impossible to play Blu Ray with coreelec ?
For what are the Blu Ray settings in settings/player/disc ?

There are also DVD settings (DVD playing work)
And there are audio CD settings (work for play or rip cd)

download KEYDB.cfg form http://fvonline-db.bplaced.net/
Unzip the keydb_eng.zip
put KEYDB.cfg to folder:Configfiles-aacs
The vpeter firmware support Blu-ray drives,but cannot play the disc,I use CE20.
sorry my bad english

I just put it in Root filesysytem/usr/config/aacs it not work …ce19.3
Maybe it was in conflict with vPeter file ?? Maybe i need make a fresh instal ?
With ce 20 it works ? So you have just instal this and not vPeter file ?

How did you managed to put it on readonly place? You need to put it in /storage/.config/aacs/ or over samba to Configfiles/aacs/.

There should not be any conflict.

My image is CE19. It does support BR menus but everything else is the same as official image.

I not understand ,i have the file on USB stick ,i go in file manager, there i have add source and profil directory ,thats all there Is no storage folder ,if i clic add source no storage folder…i dont have samba …

If you are copying from USB stick you need to enable Show hidden files and folders

and then add new source starting from Root filesystem


Yes ,i make it but it not work ,the file is now in ad source/Root filesysteme/storage/config/aacs ,i have reboot ce …not work

I stop hère …this shit makes me crazy …better make official Addon in repository for install all for make work Blu Ray player …and if its not possible better take out Blu Ray section from settings/player /disk … because this is clearly not user friendly …if i need to download différent files from “internet” and “try” to make it work…

But thank you for trying help me

If you are looking for all in one solution you are clearly in wrong place. Sorry.

And it is still not clear what is not working. But it doesn’t really matter anyway :slight_smile:

vPeter i use XBMC/Kodi /coreelec years now but i use it like simple user and not like linux expert how change lines in systèm…for add features…,i was thinking that Blu Ray player work without to much dificulty , because there Is the “Blu Ray section” …maybe in 2or 3 years this will work a littel bit more user friendly with just package to instal or it was directly in Kodi/coreelec integrated …

Simply replace the old KEYDB .cfg with the new KEYDB .cfg

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