Java for BD-J menus

thanks @vpeter its working great for my blurays.

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I also tried this image and have no problems at all with it. Thank you!

It seems for me that Universal* BD ISOs work a lot better now. I still have problems with most Disney and Fox titles though. Maybe I’ll try to re-rip them…

Anyways! Thanks for this release it’s much appreciated! :smiley:

I wrote Panasonic at first but I meant Universal

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So I tested two Kodi 19 versions for Windows with fandangos patch applied and I get the exact same behavior with remote buttons in Java menus. The ones that work well on CE work well on Windows too. The ones that don’t, don’t.

In this case maybe you should open some issue at Kodi?

Hi @vpeter will you do a 19.3 build if you have some time?



Thanks vpeter!

Thank you very much!

whether this coreelec can support the BD-J menus?

How can I install your coreelec?

Why do you think it has bd-j in the name?
You install my version with updating official installation.

thank you 。I have device is ugoosX3,I install the CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.2-Matrix_vpeter-bdj-2021. to my coreelec.

Why not 19.3 version which is the last?

oh,I didn’t see it just now。Now I have installed 19.3

@vpeter will you do a matrix 19.4 build?


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Thnx for this

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19.4 rc3


@vpeter thank you very much!

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Thank You! :slight_smile:

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@vpeter will you do a 19.4 build pls?

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