Favorites as startup page?

I was amazed to notice that I can add any page including settings as my startup page but, regardless of which skin I use, it is not possible to select my Favorites. Surely that is the page that would be the most desirable?

In my case, I use multiple external HDD’s whose content comes under generic headings with links to each accessed instantly from my Favorites page. For example: English | French | Italian | Spanish | 3D | 4K | Music | Photos

Perhaps this could even be added to the next 9.2.8 update. Alternatively, is there some way I can fiddle with the code to make that possible please?

You can open Favorites dialog from autoexec.py.

Try to run this from ssh console if works for you:

kodi-send -a 'ActivateWindow(Favourites)'

The other option is to change skin to move Favorites item on top :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to use an ssh console. :frowning:

The other option is to change skin to move Favorites item on top.

How can I do that, please?

Unzip this file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AG7V0KkYXoTMdfcMSV0Ney7lCqyiCAMH/view?usp=sharing
to Addons folder on your device.

Or maybe you can just install addon from zip.

Thank you vpeter, however I have been warned not to alter anything on my SD card because CoreElec runs on Linux whereas my PC uses Windows and apparently, Windows would corrupt the whole CoreElec installation if I attempt to write to it. I don’t know if that is true but it seems logical.

No that’s nonsense, you can SSH in using an application like Filezilla, I do it all the time.

Like I said originally, I don’t know how to use SSH. I do however use Filezilla to manage my web sites so perhaps you could expand on that please FXB78.

First off, CoreElec is installed on an SD card which is inserted in my Ugoos AM6 box in my home cinema. It has of course got a Wi-Fi connection. My PC and the file that vpeter provided are in my office but that doesn’t stop me connecting to the TV box via the net although I might have to tinker with the box’s settings somehow so that it can be written to. Any ideas on that?

Next, the file supplied by vpeter is the complete Estuary skin in default state although I believe he has modified something somewhere so that Favorites can be used as my Startup page. I have searched through everything in the file and cannot find that modification. My current skin is a heavily customized version of Estuary therefore I can’t simply overwrite everything with the skin provided. I really need to know which exact file vpeter has modified so I can replace just that one file. Alternatively, if I can learn how to use SSH, either via Filezilla or using something already built into CoreElec, I can attempt the first solution vpeter suggested.

Modified file is Home.xml where I just moved Favorites item to top.

And you could tell before that you already using modified skin.

In Filezilla just put the IP of your box in the connection bar at the top of the screen:

By default the password is the name of the software, not sure if I can post it here. Doing this should allow you to browse the CoreELEC file system and manipulate files.

How do I get the IP address of the box, is it found in CoreElec’s settings or Android’s?
And where would I find the name of the software please?
Don’t I have to change anything in the box’ settings to allow for external connections?

Software is coreelec, internal IP is in Kodi/System Info. I only use it over LAN so for any external access I’ve no idea, easier to just use it over LAN.

It’s not possible to LAN when it’s not even in the same building.
Is the software name case sensitive? (coreelec or CoreELEC)


Not sure how you’d get into it via WAN, probably the same way you’d connect to a PC.

I tried using both coreelec and CoreELEC but it wouldn’t connect.
I think I will have to get the box and bring it to the office so I can LAN into it.

I’m thinking it would be so much easier if I just pulled the SD card out and plugged it into my laptop to paste the Home.xml file over but being a Windows machine, would that really destroy the CoreElec installation?

You cannot do that on a Windows machine. Simply put “Home.xml” file on an USB stick, connect it to your box and transfer the file to correct path with inbuilt Kodi “File Manager”.
I just don’t see why so many people over complicate such simple things as file transfer in Kodi…

Excellent solution! Thanks very much, Sholander. ::

It’s actually easier to transfer over the LAN using Filezilla than it is to transfer to USB, then transfer from USB. It takes 2 seconds to connect & transfer the file. Obviously this use case is a bit different as he wasn’t on the LAN.

That’s true.

Nonetheless, I stand by my original request that Favorites should be included in the Startup page options. To me, it makes zero sense that they aren’t. So, please can this tiny mod be included in the following 9.2.8 release. :slight_smile:

Besides necessary LAN connection, you have to know IP of the box, username/password to connect to the box, which is in my view more complicated for a novice than copying files to/from USB sticks.

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