Flashing Green Display

Tanix Tx3 mini 2G RAM with fresh install of 8.95.0 and also with upgrade (tar) to 8.95.1 tested.

I am unsure whether the cause of the problem is hardware or software but suspect hardware as I have seen no other report of similar problems.

The Tanix is used to view Live TV from Astra satellite via another Tanix as a backend server running TVHeadend.

The problem cannot be induced by me (or not that I have been able to find) and can occur without any interaction from the user, or apparent change in the channel being viewed.
It can happen on different channels … SD or HD.

The problem:
After an indeterminate time, usually between two and six hours of continuous use, the screen will flash green superimposed on the normal display and continue flashing until the channel is stopped.
Re-starting the channel or switching to any other channel results in the same flashing of the display.
A quick restart of the Tanix gets things back to ‘normal’ and it can continue correctly for several more hours of use.
I have checked temperatures during these episodes and found nothing amiss … temps from late 40s to low 50s Celsius being the norm.

I know little about logs etc., but expect that logs for that time length would be huge, so I have not even attempted to record them. I wouldn’t know which ones to enable in the first place :frowning:

So the reason for posting is to ask if anyone else has seen anything similar, and also to ask if there is something other than temperature I should check.

One last bit of info … other devices can receive the same channel from the backend without problems, during these flashing events.

I strongly suspect a hardware problem …

It’s not the red/green interlacer issue as detailed here? (Red and Green Tint on PVR)

I believe not as they are not similar based on description of problem.
I see a full screen flash of green colouring, no other colour that I recall.

I did experience ‘banding’ some time ago (mostly on BBC HD channels) but that has been resolved.

If you have one more HDMI cable try it.

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Thanks … I think I tried that, but will do so again tomorrow.
I have it on test today to see if it will go wrong again.
It takes such a long time to freak out that duplicating the problem is a problem itself.

I suggest you also include logs when the problem occurs.

Today’s test showed the device going faulty after about 3 hours use … was out of room when it went wrong.

So I have now changed the HDMI lead and put it back on test to see if that was the problem.

If that does not fix it I will try enabling all logs tomorrow and test again.

I have been running the device with a different HDMI cable for nearly 10 hours now, on the same TV channel, and it has not shown this ‘green flashing’.

I am loathe to say this is definitely solved, but it sure seems likely at this time.

Thank you for the suggestion to change the HDMI cable. :wink:

After almost 5 hours uptime today, the most of that time on a single channel of Live TV, I have seen no green screens.

I consider this problem solved.

Thanks for the responses guys. :wink: