Freezing on scrolling through "heavy" files

One question :
using Ugoos X4 Cube with 2 Samsung Portable SSD attached directly (T5 model 2Tb and T7 1Gb).
On 20.5 Nightly everything works smoothly and 100% fine. Also Big video files (6-10 Gb - also with HDR), till 100Mbit/s bitrate.

With 21.1 and 22 Nightly a strange problem appeared. Immediately after Coreelec installation
I want to scroll (just scroll nothing else) through big “heavy” files (4K, UHD, Dolby Vision) and my Ugoos simply freezes.

With “normal” files (FHD) there is no problem with scrolling also in 21.1 and 22 Nightly

What change in Coreelec regarding this ? Does he do some update of the library in the background despite not enabling it ?
Or is it maybe my mistake.
The box stays freezed for longer that 1-2 minute, i didn’t wait more.

Some advice from somebody ? Has this something to do with DV ?
As soon as I put SDcard with 20.5 Nightly everything works smoothly again.
Tnx in advance !

This has something to do with, which was introduced in Kodi 21. I have to find out why…

Try recommended cache setting here and see if it solves the issue:

If not, you can play around with chunk size as well and try boosting that up.

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Tnx liquidion ! Tried your caching settings, nothing helped. Also bigger chunk size didn’t help. Btw : I have a model with 2 Gb Ram - maybe that can be an issue.