[Generic Box S905W] OpenVFD support (FD6551)

Hi, I have a generic S905W box running CoreElec 9.2.1 stable booted from the SD card.

Most everything is working fine, except a few things.

One of the things that is not working is the front VFD panel. I have already tried everything (tried all 38 different VFD config files availale at github . com / arthur-liberman / vfd-configurations) with no sucess. The VFD is always black.

I opened the box and confirmed that the VFD controller is a FD6551.

I’ve already checked the threads FD6551 support and Magicsee N5, tried all suggestions without any sucess.

Therefore I would appreciate any additional advice or other configurations I could try to enable this VFD.

Below are the main board (where the FD6551 chip can be seen) and VFD photos.

Any help is appreciated.


The full res image is available at https://postimg.cc/Hj4hN9XQ

You can boot up android and run the following command in Terminal:
cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio
Then post the output.
And/or attach the DTB from Android.

Thanks. However I’ve replaced the original Android that came with the box with a Tanix firmware, and the display stopped working in Android also (it was working with the original unamed/unbranded firmware).

It would be next to impossible to make the display work in that case.
You need to know which pins on the SoC are connected to the display controller, without that information, you can only guess.

It depends on your skills and motivation… :slight_smile:
You need to write a program which controls the io pins of the SoC one by one, and watch the FD6551 pins with a logic tool or a simple multi meter to find out which pins are connected.

Thanks @TheCoolest and @Pelican for your help. I’m trying to contact the seller to check if he has the original firmware. If I can get the original firmware back to the box then I will get the output from cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio .

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