[Guide] Homatics Box R 4k Plus CoreELEC installation, configuration and modding

Hi, I would like to confirm If my Dune HD Homatics Box R 4K Plus is supporting MKV Dolby Vision P7 FEL or not ? I actually have a Chinoppo M9201 and it support only DV with BDMV or iso DV dual track dual layer and not supporting single track dual layer MKV and does not support kodi or any other app installation so you have to browse SMB share like in the 1970 years…LOL.The image quality is still amazing when watching DV. I am waiting to see if i need to purchase the UgoosAM6B+ or not.

No, it does not support FEL. Only S922X-J devices, such as the AM6B+, do. Honestly, the AM6B+ is amazing and development is focused on it. I love mine.

Thanks. I Will order one today. My Wife will kill me…I think i have 5 differents boxes since i dropped MadVr HTPC’s. Finally one box working for all !

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I really love CoreELEC and this guide! So cool to have it running on the Dune box.

Something I would like to add that is interesting for Linux users: Setting up the boot storage works perfectly with the “Startup Disk Creator” tool (usb-creator-gtk) which is installed by default in many Linux distros. No need to install Balena Etcher!

I had some issues with connecting the (new) original remote B25. The simple solution from Troubleshooting didn’t work, the pairing did not happen just by itself. Here is how I fixed this:
I opened CoreELEC bluetooth settings, invoked the pairing mode on the remote by pressing Back+Home 5 sec. and saw it appear as “B25”.
From the options for B25 I chose “Trust and Connect”. After a few seconds, the LED on the remote stopped blinking, but the remote still did not work. Now I invoked the pairing mode again, and after a few seconds it stopped blinking and is working now.
I tried several times, it would not work with option “Pair” from the menu.