[Guide] S922X-J (Ugoos AM6b+) CoreELEC installation and FAQs

Would you mind linking or copy/pasting the Kodi setup into your parent post?

That way users can first follow the guide to install CE, then follow the next guide to set settings within CE.

I did link your guides already to wiki:

Because CEC is broken. It can’t be fixed to work properly without being able to inject the blob. That can’t be done on the ugoos because of the locked bootloader.

I must be dreaming then. CEC works, blob is needed when it’s suspended but that’s not an issue for me. Device wakes up just fine. I doubt the issue we were talking about has anything to do with the blob.

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I’ve been having some issues with external subtitles. First I thought it was exclusive to ass files whose name was too long but it also happened with short name srt. The movie crashes after a few seconds. Play the same files on another device running old kodi 19.4 and no issues. Could I be over looking some sub setting??

Installed the latest nightly and it seems to be ok now. Hope it doesn’t creep back because it’s been kind of a repetitive issue.

Yeah idk why people keep in saying it’s broken. I normally don’t set it cec due to my Harmony remote, but if I switch to my named input on both my Sony TVs, it works fine and without random input switching and turning tv on, etc…

How do you get it to turn off using Harmony? Windows Media Center doesn’t do it for me, I had to include a Zidoo to the Activity and the Off from the Zidoo, shuts the Ugoos off.

I programmed the dune hd premium remote along with the ur-01, in ir mode. Used the Second power button (on the right on Black) to specifically suspend.

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Could you tell me which vitual zidoo device you used for turning it on and off? Would like turn it off instead of leaving it on 24/7 :slight_smile:

Zidoo z9x.

Ah ok, kind of what I did then. Thanks.

Could u share how u did that as I have a harmony hub but I can not get the box to shutdown I wanted to use one of the remotes buttons to activate the shutdown. I can use the power on as I put the ir into the harmony hub

Also read in another post that you did a script to exit kodi and reload it when it comes out of suspend do you know why as does putting the box in suspend and waking cause problems ?


Does anyone have a recommended Bluetooth remote for this thing? CEC only works for me with suspend, but suspend kills performance of the box until the box is rebooted. If I set CEC to shutdown, it won’t wake the box. What’s the best solution here?

I store my Kodi databases remotely on a system running MariaDB since I have like over half a dozen Kodi instances installed scattered all over my house :joy:. It was the easiest way I could to trigger a db refresh automatically on resume that included Play progress, etc.

I don’t have a Harmony hub in use. I use a Harmony 650, Harmony 300 and a Harmony 900 remote.

@toddlewis1990 if you’re having performance issues with the box on resume, I suspect that issue is elsewhere other than the suspend/resume itself. Or maybe try that systemd service also😉

Ah I see so if you add new movies or shows or stop a video half way through and you suspend the box and turned it back on it would not refresh the system meaning missing videos and no remember where you left of. Strange that kodi devs would have thought a trigger that work auto do that who use external database and suspend.


Can you tell me how to create the file and where to save it by name I got your script but not sure if you need to copy the blue text lines above and below and save it. As I use a external data base as well I use MySQL

How do you find your remote button configs as wanted to change one button to use shutdown or suspend.


How do I change the remote.conf after i installed on eMMC with ceemmc? I want to use the Homatics remote because the Ugoos remote is very sluggish for some weird reason. Or at least I hope it’s the remote :slight_smile: Does anyone else feel like the Ugoos remote is super unresponsive? When i chain two fast inputs only one gets recognized.


When I ssh’d into the box to edit the config there was no remote.conf in /storage/.config/, so I created a new one for the Homatics remote. After rebooting, the new remote didn’t work but the Ugoos still did. I did a find and found that the old remote.conf is persistent in /flash but that’s read only so I’m currently at a loss at how to replace the old one.

it’s not possible to add an device to an existing activity? :frowning:

so you create a new one with windows kodi your avr tv and the Zidoo? I have the same problem it’s not turning off and I have a harmony


I have no clue about all that it stuff, but I can def confirm that the ugoos remote is the worst I ever had. very slow and you have to aim really good.

switch to harmony with hub all was perfect. switch to harmony Bluetooth windows kodi was even better