[Guide] S922X-J (Ugoos AM6b+) CoreELEC installation and FAQs

mount -o remount,rw /flash
rm /flash/remote.conf
mount -o remount,ro /flash
# then reboot device
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Yes, it is possible… just not that easy.

Using the phone/tablet app:

  1. go to the settings for setting up new activities and so on
  2. add a new device, in this case the zidoo
  3. go to the activity, for example ‘watch movie’ and tap on the button above delete activity.
  4. select the device you wish to use and just follow the other steps.

It will poweroff the box. I cannot turn it on again using the same device :frowning:

before I realized that I need a kodi remote not an ugoos remote, I added an device in harmony, ugoos am6 was it or something similar. there are only 2.

with that device, if I remember correctly, off on was both possible (not 100% sure, for the whole customizing I took the device to another room)

I also use the app, sure. last time I had the windows software installed is 10 years ago…

I did not understand your ‘add an device to an existing activity’ via ‘delete activity’ procedure??

for me that’s to risky to push that button :wink:

ah sorry you mean a button above the delete? never saw that one. Will check!

Go to edit activities/devices, choose the Ugoos activity and Re-Run activity, adding the Zidoo.

I just realized that I need Bluetooth on off later it will be non visible.

via IR it’s working here with the ugoos device.

is the Zidoo you recommend here then Bluetooth with the harmony?
301 blob on?

many thanks!!

I’m doing all IR. Windows Media Center device to operate the Ugoos and Zidoo Z9x for the off function. In windows media center device, I’ve added a command, by teaching Harmony the IR function of power on from the original ugoos remote.

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Thank you for the guide.

I am going to purchase UGOOS AM6B Plus Amlogic S922X-J and will use it with this guide for DV P7 FEL mkv

Q1) Are there any known movies with problems or issues or anything I should know?

Q2) I would like to watch movies from a USB SSD plugged into the ugoos instead of a local media server with plex or something, is it possible to use the external USB SSD instead?

Q3) Do PGS subtitles in mkv files work?

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For Question 1 : My two faults with it are A) Occasional video & audio choppy and out of sync when starting a vid or coming out of pause. It just happens from time to time without any rhyme or reason to any and all audio/video file formats and B) Dependent on how you have it HDMI’d to your TV the Ugoos might turn your TV on by itself after a power failure (mine does so I have to leave it unplugged when not in use. Might plug it into an UPS soon and see how that goes)

I’m having similar results, the HDR to SDR tonemapping results in a pretty dark & dull image. In comparsion, the HDR to SDR tonemapping of an Apple TV playing back the same content on the same device is much brither and more colorful.

The AM6B+ is connected to a projecter that handles SDR much better than HDR content, so I’d love to be able to fix this. Later down the line I’m gonna get a good DV capable TV, which is why I went down the AM6B+ route in addition to an Apple TV for bitstreamed audio.

Q1) I tried watching Spartacus 1960 full mkv rip with DV. I had some strange issues when i got a red screen while skipping forward in scenes. Had to stop play back and start again. Or the audio was playing while it is a black or red screen. Need to try other movies to figure out if it is specific to that MKV.
Q2) works fine for me
Q3)not sure

interesting to hear this. Do you get better SDR conversion from DV content? The few I tried were excellent. HDR10 content is terrible, nowhere near the ATV/Infuse or the Vero 4K / V.

Got my Ugoos AM6b+ today. Followed the guide and I have now CoreELEC installed as dual boot (boots to CoreELEC).
I tried to do single boot but it was giving me errors I then saw others had.
My first question concerns this: there is no way to remove Android completely?

My Storage system info shows three partitions:

/dev/CE_FLASH with size 511M, used at 48% (mounted at /flash)
/dev/CE_STORAGE with size 24.9G, used at 3% (mounted at /storage)
/dev/vendor with size 248M, used at 89% (mounted at /android/vendor)

Where does Kodi save its db, thumbnails, etc.? I guess in storage, but I’d like confirmation before starting to populate its db.

Thanks for the help and for the easy to follow guide.

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I haven’t compared DV content yet (I think), I’ll do so soon and let you know!

Soon there may be better sdr conversion, Dolby Vision - VS10 Engine on Ugoos AM6+ - Development / Development & Testing - CoreELEC Forums

You guys can just try the dev build posted there.

If I understand correctly, that topic is about SDR to HDR conversion? We’re talking about the opposite, HDR to SDR.

I’ll definitely take a look though :slight_smile:

It also does the opposite.

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Don’t know why somebody would want to “upscale” SDR to Dolby Vision. Being an option, good for those who want it, I guess. But it remains a mystery to me. :smiley:

Seems to be great for HDR though, it ruins SDR in my opinion. (colors look dark and dull)

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