[Guide] Ugoos AM6b+ CoreELEC installation

thanks ashlar! Sorry for my incompetence, but how do I find out what skin folder I’m using? (required to navigate to the correct path)

(i haven’t installed Plex, I plan to just point kodi to my raspberry pi network drive)

so I believe I must be using the default skin folder, but I can’t figure out what this is

when I go via my AM6, it seems to say skin.estuary. but when i try this in putty, it says that directory doesnt exist

The file should be here:


Estuary is the default skin, as such, unless I’m mistaken, its files are not in the userdata directory, only its settings.xml file is in userdata.

Unfortunately, I think this means that every time you update Kodi you will revert to the original version of the file that includes the reboot to emmc entry.

If you install a different skin, its files are saved under storage/.kodi/addons/ and those are kept untouched during updates.

If you install a different skin, its files are saved under storage/.kodi/addons/ and those are kept untouched during updates.

Ah thank you, in that case I’ll try to install a different skin. Do you have you’d recommend?

I have just started using Kodi on the Ugoos platform, as such I’m unsure about recommendations, since I have to understand what level of complexity of skin the hardware handles without slowdowns. One that I find satisfying, as it adds some customization options is Estuary Mod: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition

But I haven’t installed it or tested it on Ugoos yet, I use it on PC.

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Many thanks for your continued help @ashlar

I feel I’m SO close. I downloaded Mimic skin. I’m finally in the DialogButtonMenu.xml file. Next I have to “Edit the file and set reboot to eMMC to ‘False’.””

Is “reboot to eMMC” supposed to be within that file already? because I don’t see it anywhere? or do I have to add it in myself?

If you are using a different skin, it might well be it already doesn’t offer that option in its menu.

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Rebooting to android doesn’t cause any issues. Those were fixed recently. I personally wouldn’t bother with this.


ah ok good to know thank you!. I was worried because the instructions on reddit said rebooting would corrupt the install and that freaked me out

I used to dual boot a lot for youtube and other apps, never had any issues.
But Coreelec has a nice backup tool, I’d recommend making a backup after everything is up and running.

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It’s accessible via file browser:

Go into whatever skin you’re using, I’m using Plexuary.

Some skins don’t have that option. I think it’s still worthwhile because it looks cleaner and I never want to boot into Android even by accident.

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New users for AMB6 plus and am trying to do dual booting installation on emmc but got the following error messages. " Starting copying of data to the eMMC!
Please do NOT interrupt this progress till it’s finished!

Copy all data from ‘/flash’ to ‘/media/CE_FLASH’
256.10M 98% 31.73MB/s 0:00:07 (xfr#114, to-chk=83/218)rsync: [receiver] mkstemp “/media/CE_FLASH/.Trashes/501/.dtb 12.34.10?AM.img.EgqiT6” failed: Invalid argument (22)
260.68M 100% 31.14MB/s 0:00:07 (xfr#188, to-chk=0/218)rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1336) [sender=3.2.7]

Error running pclose on cmd: rsync -ah --info=progress2 /flash/ /media/CE_FLASH/. Error: 23
Error executing cmd ‘rsync -ah --info=progress2 /flash/ /media/CE_FLASH/’
Failed to copy data from ‘/flash’ to ‘/media/CE_FLASH’
Start Kodi again to have a user interface!
Failed to move data from original media to eMMC"

After the coreelec installation, i’ve configured it extensively, changing skins, fonts, etc and performed the dual booting installation that leads to the error. What could be the cause for failure in copying the data?

Don’t know if this will help, but maybe try to stop Kodi first rather than having the ceemmc tool stop Kodi.

Run this command

systemctl stop kodi

Then once stopped, run ceemmc -x

Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried it and stopped kodi before the install but generated the same message.

Is it still necessary to install the nightly build or can we just use the generic stable version?

What size is your storage medium?

nightly is better

Yeah from my understanding there are plenty of fixes being done in the nightly so might be better to install that one.

It’s the first time for me using coreelec and I was wondering if it causes any issues when updating?
Is there a nightly update channel like in libreelec to receive updates?

It is 16gb card

sorry, how can I access the box via a file browser? I was using SSH via putty, but this would be a lot simpler!

WinSCP - WinSCP :: Official Site :: Download

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