H96 MAX X4 SoC S905X4@2G/16/1GbE/Wifi[2/4GHz]/BT

Information about box H96 MAX X4 SoC S905X4@2G/16/1GbE/Wifi[2/4GHz]/BT

To boot micro sd card you need to push button in the AV port. You only need to press the button once and system will boot from SD-Card if it’s available.
I used to boot dtb 2g_100mb (generic), dtb 2g_1gbit didn’t work for me. Unfortunately box on stock Andorid firmware also is 100Mbps, so it’s not capable of GibE.

From what I checked everything works fine.(list bellow)

  1. TVH stream SD/HD - works fine
  2. emby addon(installation, synchronization) - works fine
  3. emby streaming - works fine
  4. Video
    1. H264 video - works fine
    2. HEVC - works fine
    3. HEVC HDR10 - works fine
    4. HEVC bitrate 60Mbps and bigger - works fine
    5. UHD/FHD - works fine
  5. HDMI CEC - works fine
  6. WiFi 2,4 and 5GHz - works fine
  7. LAN 100Mbps - works fine (it should by 1000)
  8. BT, I only check that it’s available, didn’t connect anything - works fine
  9. Audio passthrough work fine

BOX works with CoreELEC NG and NE edition, no problem with ethernet port.

If someone is looking for cheap STB for private streaming this is the BOX for you.

I would argue that any box or vendor that advertises GbE and only delivers 100Mb should not be considered. Same thing with my Tanix X4, waste of money.

GbE is available at comparable prices with 4GB and more emmc storage (not used by CE) also on “cheap” boxes however I respect the CE developers suggestions that user should first consider the officially support boxes even if they are bit more expensive.

Yes - two S905X4 boxes I’ve bought have both been advertised as GigE and both had 100Mbs chipsets in them… I’ve switched to a USB 3.0 GigE adaptor combined with a USB 3.0 hub for local storage…

Can anyone recommend a properly available Gigabit Ethernet S905X4 box ?

Ugoos AM7
Ugoos X4
BuzzTV X5

There has been many posts on various forums etc that the H96 Max X4 has really got an S905X3. Have you checked?

I have couple of them, is there a way to check this without disassembly?

It’s nice to have GibE, it’s bad to sell fake GibE but IRL 100Mibps is enough to stream any content like 4K BD REMUX with HDR and lossless audio.

Nope, not true

Nope, not true [… ? ]

Missing part movie name, source, video bitrate and audio bitrate
Can you give me real life example?

I´m using *ELEC a few years and can tell You “100Mbit is not enough to watch every 4k HDR with high bitrate”

You can trust me

Me too, find me two movies with video+audio bitrate above 90Mibps.

I did check this and didn’t find anything.

lets do math, 90Mibps = 11,875Mbps, so:

  • 60s we have 712MB
  • 90 minuts 62GB, it’s above of the size of the BD DL discs

As of 2015 we have new Blu-ray format 66GB (not a problem for 95Mibps) and 100GB but where can you find this?

  1. Bluray can go up to 144 Mbit/s
  2. 100 Mbit/s doesn’t mean you really can go up to 100, in reality much less. Same like with 1 GBit you never get 1 Gbit
  3. Movies don’t have same bitrate all the time, it changes according to scene. So one scene have 30 Mbit and another one can go over 100.

If we use 100GB BD it give us 151Mibps for 90 minus stream but:

  • BD disc contain several audio stream that use bitrate and we watch stream using only one of them so maximal bitrate is lower
  • BD also contain extras, menu and other files not streamed. DTS MA audio it is 4.5 Mbps of space that it’s not needet, DDP it’s 0,7-1,5 Mibps lets assume that 3 aditional not used streams are 10 Mbps.

That is way I’m not writing 100Mibps but 90Mibps

We have buffer in kodi that solve this issue.

To everyone who is writing 100MibE isn’t enough, but were is your example?

I agree that in the future this will not be enough, but for now whene we have streaming from DSN, Netflix, poor quality BD like 25, 50 GB it’s more that enough.

If someone is thinking otherwise go to https://www.blu-ray.com/ and find real life example.

You don´t understand ?
I made a lot of tests, You can believe it, or not.

So why do you have a problem to give one title?

Because I don´t remember all the movies :slight_smile:
German movies - I think german is not Your native language

For me the issue isn’t just one file, I am running a PVR server with multiple input and output streams. Live TV and in-progress recordings are typically not buffered like file playback might be so it needs a good constant stream.

As I stated in my first response the issue is falsely advertising capabilities. If it was marked 100Mb for those users like yourself that don’t care things would be fine.

It doesn’t matter, I don’t need to understand movie. I only need to check bitrate and if movie works.

In free time i will search BD database and check bitrate of movies and will give more accurate information about what movie will not work.

Honestly I don’t expect big number.

I agree if they write 100 MinE I would still bought but it wouldn’t be scam

One thing worth pointing out - if the UHD BD rip contains all the audio streams - then when you play this back via NFS or SMB the transport stream or MKV containing them will be sent over the network with all the streams in it. Only if you use something server-side that splits the streams out of the file will you only be streaming the audio you are listening to.

When the Vero 4K came out with 100Mbs Ethernet a while back there were lots of reports of it not coping with UHD BD rips that peaked at >90Mbs for some scenes (UHD and HD BDs are usually VBR encoded, not CBR, and can peak at the system maximum). Buffering can help - but if it’s an extended scene with lots of complex motion - you can run out of buffer. The same has been the case with other 100Mbs platforms. It’s a reasonably well known issue.

You can mitigate it with a USB->GigE adaptor - even if you only have a USB 2.0 port the ~300Mbs you’ll get will be enough.

The other reason for wanting GigE full-speed though, is if you want to copy files between a network and local storage connected to your Kodi device (which is a real-world use case for some of us)