Hardkernel Remote sluggish

I just got my Odroid N2 which seems to be fine with HDR and stuff. Nice work guys.
I also ordered the Hardkernel Remote alongside with the Odroid but it’s really sluggish.
Sometime a click is registered instantly other times it’s delayed. This delay is so bad that using the remote is hardly possible.
Especially when I keep the button pressed for example to fast forward it’s impossible to be precise at all.
I’m thinking about sending it back. Is there maybe some kind of fix or workaround for this?

Hi, yes the remote is a bit slow because it uses IR. In my opinion, nothing can be done to accelerate its operation.
I bought Minix NEO A2 Lite remote yesterday and the difference in performance is very big. I am very happy with Minix NEO A2 remote.

a remote with CoreELEC can be used in two ways:

  • with meson-ir/Lirc protocol (default)
  • with the old amremote

see Krypton style IR remote configuration is back!

amremote is much much more responsive and snappier. You have to find a remote.conf for your remote or build it by your own (search for “Building a remote.conf from scratch” or similar),
e. g. https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/3581-create-remote-conf-from-scratch/?pageNo=1

meson-ir is standard, but a mess. I have build a remote.conf for my Harmony and I am happy now with my N2.

Here is a remote.conf file which you can try, @kellerstern. Keep in mindt that there might be errors with the configuration and I’ve not done any fine tuning. In addition, I’ve switched out the mute button with codec info.

#    this file is configuration for each factory remote device
#    factory_code      each device has it's unique factory code.
#                      pattern: custom_code(16bit) + index_code(16bit)
#                      examble: 0xff000001 = 0xff00(custom_code) + 0001(index_code)
#    work_mode         0 :software mode  1 :hardware mode
#    repeat_enable     0 :disable repeat 1 :enable repeat
#    release_delay     unit: ms
#                      release will report from kernel to user layer after this period
#                      of time from press or repeat triggered.
#    debug_enable      0 :debug disable  1 :debug enable
#    bit_count         how many bits in each frame
#    tw_leader_act     time window for leader active
#    tw_bit0           time window for bit0 time.
#    tw_bit1           time window for bit1 time
#    tw_repeat_leader  time window for repeat leader
# REG:
#    reg_base_gen      set value for PREG_IR_DEC_BASE_GEN
#    reg_control       set value for PREG_IR_DEC_CONTROL
#    reg_leader_act    set value for PREG_IR_DEC_LEADER_ACTIVE
#    reg_leader_idle   set value for PREG_IR_DEC_LEADER_IDLE
#    reg_repeat_leader set value for PREG_IR_DEC_REPEAT_IDLE
#    reg_bit0_time     set value for PREG_IR_DEC_BIT0_TIME

factory_code  = 0x4DB20001
work_mode     = 0
repeat_enable = 1
repeat_delay  = 130
repeat_peroid = 120
release_delay = 20
debug_enable  = 0

		0xDC  116    # power
		0x88  24    # Kodi codec info - was mute
        0x82  1      # home

    		0xCA  103    # up
    		0x99  105    # left
    		0xCE  28     # OK long press = pause
    		0xC1  106    # right
    		0xD2  108    # down

            0xC5  46    # menu
            0x9A  158    # back

                0x80  115    # vol+
                0x81  114    # vol-



                0x80  115    # vol+
                0x81  114    # vol-
                0xCE  28     # OK long press = pause
                0x9A  158    # back long press = stop