Hardkernel Shopping Direct Limited Warranty

@jchatterton64 it’s not censorship, your first post here was off-topic and flagrant advertising.

You also completely bungled the concept of hardware warranty vs software support. The vendor in question can promise as many years of software support as they’d like, but as a business they could just as easily go out of business and leave customers stranded. It is rather crummy that Odroid is only offering a one month hardware warranty, but that is what it is.

Personally I’d rather spend half the price ($70 vs $133) and have a device which is much faster, runs cooler and has a newer chipset. I’ve been extremely pleased with my N2.

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It’s reported more than once.

You became a member 1 day ago and your first post in this topic you plugged a product which won’t run CoreELEC so what’s the problem ?

No money is made by CoreELEC from HardKernel except free hardware supplied to developers.

The devices are not clearly defective. The vendor HardKernel has a very limited warranty which is what this topic is about.
@jchatterton64 I hope you understand where we stand and hope you understand why your post was deleted.

I wonder if some of these failures could be due to power hits. I’ve always run my sensitive electronics on a highest quality surge suppressor, the best I’ve found is the Tripp-Lite Isobar Ultra. Their Super7 is also really good. I run a whole house surge suppressor at my breaker panel as well.

There’s a large array of things that cause power surges and little ones happen routinely. Even if one big one doesn’t take out a device the little ones can tear it down over time.

Although this goes OT:
I really don’t want to do bad talking or spread FUD about N2, but after having some deeper look in the schematic and some component datasheets, I have some doubts about the robust design of the HW circuit.
One issue was regarding the USB-HUB powersupply, which was never answered by HK:

Another issue I see is th HDMI_HPD signal, which has no proper level shifting (if HK values in schematic are still valid) , and very likely exceeds Max.Input Voltage Limits of the SOC.
And there are more flaws I#ve seen…


I am one of those that have reported a N2 issue. I ran my N2 on a UPS, so little chance of power surges. I was pretty disappointed that my N2 only lasted three months. It was great while it lasted. After I found out that the warranty was 30 days, I switched to a VIM3 (which is still on its way). My Odroid C2 is still going strong after 2 years and its on 24/7.

I am convinced this is 4.9 kernel related.My N2 has hdmi problems on 2 different Samsung tv’s and works properly on 2 different monitors,something to do with resolution

What problem do you have with your Samsung TVs? 4K/HDR on Samsung requires the 4:2:2 option to be enabled in CoreELEC options.


Your suggestion : Samsung requires the 4:2:2 option to be enabled in CoreELEC options. This is Just for N2?
I have Samsung mu 6100 series TVˇ65ˇ , with Beelink GT-King. When I play 4K HDR without this option enabled, everything is fine.( YUV 444, 10 Bit, HDR10, Bt.2020.nc ) The TV display the HDR logo, and displays correct colors…( with this option enabled, good too, just the box send 4.2.2 12Bit.) This option need enable by me, just when the HDR movie under 4K, eg. 1080p.HDR. this is my experience.

No, not just N2, but some Samsung TVs.
Try it and see what happens, it won’t break anything.

Everything was working fine with N2 until 2 or 3 weeks ago Samsung 4K SUHD 2 years old and Samsung 1080p full hd 9 years old.Meecool S905 and s912 works on both tv’s.If i have tv on hdmi source settings when i power on N2, it boots coreelec then in hdmi source settings screenfit changes from auto to on to off and then greys out and then no source connected but works on 2 different monitors

To respond to this, ameriDroid has implemented “Elevated Support and Replacement” plans that can be purchased along with your SBC. Upon purchase, the SBC’s serial number is recorded by our shipping staff, and that SBC will then be covered for 1 year with elevated support, and replacement if it fails.

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@timfolk check above post.

Am hoping their recent sale price which I fell for wasn’t to get rid of these gen 1 boards that have a known issue.

That’s nice but I assume it’s not retroactive. I bought an N2 before they added that option (thought I had just missed it out when buying it, but maybe it wasn’t offered yet).
I’ve written ameridroid yesterday. Awaiting response.

thanks, TheCoolest.

that is wrong. in the EU we have 2 kinds of warranty: the one given by law (seller), and the one given by the producer (the last one is optional!).
on new products, everything* has 2 years law warranty (called: gewährleistung) given from the seller, but the warranty (called: garantie) can be 1 day or life long, or even nothing at all.

*) with a few exceptions

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I bought mine (in the US) with a credit card that extends the warranty by 2 years. Not sure I want to test that “extension” once they find out the original manufacturer’s warranty is only 4 weeks.

After exchanging several emails with ameridroid, they suggested I send my faulty board back for inspection and “maybe they’ll be able to fix it”. When I bought it they didn’t not offer the extended warranty they offer now.
I’d like to join the suggestion not to buy this board from any vendor who does not offer an option for proper warranty, as it seems to be a game of chance.