Hardware encoding decoding

We want to develop our own software based on webRTC for video calling. We are using KHADAS VIM3-Pro board. initially we tried ubuntu OS but there is no hardware decoding encoding. We used chromium browser and firefox browser for video calling on webRTC. We are facing a video lagging issue and also observed that cpu usage and load average goes to very high. this we have faced with ubuntu.

Does your OS provide hardware decoding and encoding ? Please provide steps if supported.

No, better you follow this user @beta Ubuntu, KODI chroot ALSA DD+ problem

Thanks @Portisch for replay
i have question as below
(1) Can we install package such as Nodejs , npm , websocket , and chromium-browser in CoreELEC ?
if yes what is command or steps to be followed
(2) can we run chromium browser in CoreELEC

No, an no.