Hardware settings - IR Remote wakeup

In the CoreELEC/Hardware Settings (I’m on the Matrix nightlies) there is an option for IR Remote Power Code which opens a sub-menu with various remotes listed. Choosing one or other remote dynamically edits the config.ini file which allows wakeup by IR remote. Can I add my own remote code to that list? I had my own remote (Venz V10) working ok some time back on 9.2.5 stable but it’s no longer waking the N2+

Thanks Vasco - I know about the feature and I can see the list. I have my own remote power code and I had it working before this feature was introduced. I just wanted to know if the predefined list of IR power codes was held in a file somewhere so that I could add my own. Otherwise I will edit config.ini directly.

Now that I read it again i understood it! Sorry!

I added a user remote wakeup file support in CE-19. It will be supported with next nightly 20210219.
Please re-read the how to: How to configure IR wakeup code

Hi Portisch. I just noticed your edit of the howto when I was re-doing my config.ini file manually. My manual edit is now working with my VenzV10 remote and I have prepared a new remotewakeup file in /.config ready for next nightly. Many thanks for the speedy response!

Tested on nightly 20210219. Working perfectly. Thanks, great facility!

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