HDR to SDR tonemapping

Hi all

I see that the HDR to SDR with tonemapping is supported in kernel 4.9. But it requires S922X or it will eventually work also with S905X2 and maybe with S905X and S912 when they will be supported by NG images?

It should work on all -ng devices.

Is there any preliminary image of NG for S905X?
Or a buildable somehow-working branch?

-ng only supports newer devices, such as S905X2, S922X and A311D. We are also working on adding support for the S905*3 variants.

But I got the impression that you were, low priority, working to add also support for S905X and S912, or I am mistaken?

It is something that @cdu13a is, or at least was, working on. I’m not sure what the status is on that.
IMHO, I wouldn’t hold my breath for -ng on older SoCs.