Help! how to use ceemmc tool - REALY

I have no idea where to get the ceemmc tool, how and where to punch in the commands.
I searched the forum and the net and I am sure I am using the wrong words to search.
I read through the post how to use it and I understand what to do to make it dual boot, but as a absolute beginner I am missing some steps.
Info just for the box with a wireless keyboard please, I have nothing networked or anything else fancy.
The box is a X96 max+ mewes model 4/64

Yes this page is open on my pc, I just miss the steps I mentioned above!

Without a network connection you won’t be able to do it.
To sum it up:

  1. Connect your CE box to your network
  2. Download puTTY
  3. Use puTTY to connect to your device
  4. Follow the guide posted above

Seriously, use a network connection.
The Cylons are not going to hack your device - they have no interest in CoreELEC. :wink:

I close this again.
When a user is not able to read the forum and have no idea about SSH/UART/PuTTY He should not use the tool at all! The user knowledge should be at a minimum level to be able to handle such complicate items. If not it’s better not to use such tools.