Homatics Box R 4K Plus

Double posting not supported nor is the tuner.

You can use TBS usb tuner with CoreELEC
You can find the necessary information in the forum

I am thinking in the usb tuner from homatics

No and probably never will be.

Tank you all

last update broke DV playback.

You mean 20240429 ?

CoreELEC-Amlogic-ne.aarch64-21.0-Omega_nightly_20240429-Generic.img.gz221.32MB2024-04-28 23:13:35

it plays for a few seconds perfectly, but then pauses and the screen goes pinkā€¦never happened to me before. EVER.

No problem here, at least with the content I tried with.

yeah no something is definitely wrongā€¦it does not occur with duneā€™s media player.

It may be wrong something on your device but image itself is fine.

my device works fine.


Like this? Black screen issue on episode change - Help & Support / Operating System - CoreELEC Forums

Something wrong with the builds fix it or i move to the default player

No logs no problem.

Does this tone usually work for you? Argh.

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Very surprised that my post to confirm something is solved got flagged as inappropriate ? Strange world it is becomingā€¦

The original post was deleted, please just post what you think itā€™s fixed and thatā€™s all.

Not really the point, but its fine. Have other stuff to worry about.

no, neverā€¦