Homatics Box R 4K Plus

My configuration is similar to yours and i have no issue even when CoreELEC starts with the TV and Soundbar OFF.

In my case ,during boot process ,my TV is turned of by the CE (CEC) and the TV is turning on the soundbar (this one needs about 7 seconds to become fully operational ).

But sometimes ,it might happen that the soundbar doesn’t switch on the correct input ,so i will get “no signal” on TV.
However ,pressing Home on my remote ( Home button is set as Homepage in Kodi),will switch the soundbar to the CE input.

Usually is hard to track down the cause for such issues ,mostly because we all have different devices which may or may not play nice together .

@vpeter or @Portisch ,is there a way to “force” an EDID on boot,something like “gedid” on LibreELEC ?

No, as the TV needs to be available on very early boot stage. The driver init will fail if TV is not available. And it can not be reloaded by driver design.

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my use case is

  • tv is on, avr is off, homatics (audio) is working
  • reboot (first I can see is CoreELEC New Era boot logo) and audio stops
  • turn avr on, reboot, (first I can see is CoreELEC New Era boot logo) and audio works

So AVR passthrough is blocking homatic boot?

well I don’t see much similar. My TV is on, AVR off (eARC), Homatics (on), everything works fine. Reboot Homatics and sounds is gone (video and cec works). There is no problem with hdmi source on AVR, it’s correct one. Pass Through Source is set to Homatics input.

TV on, AVR on, Homatics on. Reboot Homatics and sound is working again/still.

so it’s same with audio? Homatics Box R 4K Plus - #1480 by Venca

If i play a uhd bd iso with these boxes do i get dv/lldv or just hdr ? :eyes:

I have been following this topic for a long time, and I feel that the device and the system supporting Dolby Vision have not stable yet.
Do you recommend the acquisition of this device? Or wait for the possibility of a better device in the future?

Not stable? Where do you read that?

Stable release=Stable device …

Dolby vision is stable in CoreElec…
Device is stable too.

If anyone needs it, I started keeping an archive of the nightly builds. Here is the link.


I have a question. Is it normal that when I play a movie with TrueHD 7.1 Atmos audio, my Denon AVR displays only the “THD” (TrueHD) icon?

I guess it would depend on the amp, my Sony amp will show Atmos if the current audio track is Atmos and TrueHD if it’s that.

check manual of yours AVR. Do you have atmos setup?

I fixed the black screen problem by shutting down Kodi

systemctl stop kodi

and going into the guisettings.xml at /storage/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml and deleting all the lines that seemed to have something to do with resolution and video output, then restarted kodi

systemctl start kodi

Unfortunately I have no idea which setting caused the video output to cease.

My Denon also doesn’t show that it’s getting atmos.
I think I read somewhere, that a Denon receiver only shows that it’s getting an atmos signal when the atmos speakers are actually connected to it. Which is something I’m not planning to test in the nearest future.

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My onkyo avr show both TrueHD/Atmos, or DD+/Atmos. No issue here…Also my tv show left up the dolby atmos badge too…

For my Marantz NR1606 that also is the case. But not necessary to physical connect the speakers, just by setting the receiver up as there are is enough to get it activated. Just for testing purposes, not to get anything else out of it :wink:

Well, I think we have plenty of examples already, that CE actually outputs (passes through I guess) the atmos layer, at least I have no doubts about that even without testing it in my setup (please excuse me if I made anyone think I was complaining about not getting atmos :)).
My reply was simply for kowalmisiek to consider other reason why the receiver doesn’t show it is getting atmos, even if atmos is outputted by the source device.

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