Homatics/Dune/Nokia/Rocktek Dolby Vision

Here is a sum up of the difference of these devices.

DEVICE SoC IR uSD AV Port LED PCB Amlogic dt-id
Homatics S905X4-K 10 x RGB unknown sc2_s905x4_ah212-id5
Homatics S905X4-K X 10 x RGB SMB.280.08C sc2_s905x4_ah212-id6
Homatics S905X4-K 10 x RGB SMB.280.08E sc2_s905x4_ah212-id6
Dune S905X4-K X X 10 x RGB SMB.280.08D sc2_s905x4_ah212-id6
Nokia S905X4-K X GPIO White sc2_s905x4_ah212-id7
RockTek S905X4-K X X GPIO Blue/Red SMB.280.05 sc2_s905x4_ah212-id7

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