How can I change the power OFF code ? (+ how to reset meson-ir ?)


I succeeded, using this guide, to setup a power on code on my Odroid N2+:

I am using a Logitech Harmony 650.

The problem with this method is that it’s only a power toggle that will both power on and off, and it’s not comfortable as it can power off if people press the button 2 times. So I’m looking to get 2 codes in my remote for power on and off.

I correctly succeeded to create a new power on code on the remote, and I’ve set it in config.ini. Everything works great for the power on code.

But now for the power off code, I didn’t find anything on the forum about that. The only guide I found is this one:

I followed it, and created the following .toml file:

name = "stopcode"
protocol = "RC6A"
0x800f042a = "KEY_POWER2"

The code I scanned is this one:
Received IRMP code: remotewakeup=‘0x800f042a’, decode_type=‘0x5’, remotewakeupmask=‘0xffff7fff’

But it didn’t work. Worse, now all my IR controls are messed and nothing works. Not a single key. The guide doesn’t explain how to reset it. So my questions are:

  1. How can I reset the modifications I made using this guide ?
  2. How can I change only the power off code ?

I would really need help as I’m currently stuck on a broken coreelec setup right now. Any answer is welcome, have a great day !

To reset just remove .toml file. And this file must have all the codes defined not just one.
I’m not familiar with two different codes for power. I assume your steps are ok but you have to use complete .toml file. Which remote config file you were using before that?

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Thank you for your answer. I correctly managed to reset my controls by deleting the .toml file. I now have everything back to normal.

I noticed that the “PowerON” command that I’ve set doesn’t power off the N2. So what I did is that I used the “PowerON” from my remote as wakeup command, and the “PowerToggle” as the power off command. It was the command I was using before and that works with the base command controls. I simply renamed it “PowerOFF” on all strings of my remote using harmony software.

It’s more like a workaround but it works as expected.

Thanks again for your help ! Have a great day

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