How to access HDD on Coreelec from PC?

I want to be able to connect HDD on coreelec from other devices, but i dont know how.

i can access coreelec folders from pc network, but hdd is not shown.

You should make labels for each partition you want to see

I have my USB drives connected to my CoreElec box and can access them via my router on my Windows10 PC with “FileZilla” program using sftp protocol.
To use it this way you have to know the IP address of your CE box. I use fixed IP settings for simplicity reasons.
In FileZila I enter:
Host: sftp://root@ -> my CE box IP address
Username: root
Password: coreelec
Port: 22

Pressing Connect it opens on left pane my PC drives/folders and on the right pane my CE box folders/files. My USB drives on the box are under “media” folder.
My disk is listed as “/var/media/WD1TUSB3”

To access your HDD from your pc you need to edit your samba shares.
Look at this for a start and ask if you need:

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Thank you!