How to Builder 9.2.2

Please help how can I build 9.2.2 version? Thanks.

Building COREELEC 9.2.2 stops at the beginning. .

CoreELEC# PROJECT=Amlogic make image
./scripts/image mkimage
Building as the root user is NOT supported. Use a regular user account for the build.
Makefile:12: recipe for target 'image' failed
make: *** [image] Error 1

1.- Use a Linux PC x64
2.- Use a regular account
3.- Follow the instructions at
4.- Forget everything I just said and download the images from the official site

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Have you seen this post and followed the guidlines?

also see guidlines on the link below taking note of the differences between CoreElec and LibreElec