How to configure VFD

You need to read the last few posts here…

Thx, now it’s working.

Can you be more specific please?
X96 air vfd don’t work with that conf

You also need the dtb posted earlier.

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To update dtb do I need to reinstall system or just paste the new dtb on SD card?

Paste new dtb on sd.

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Probably I’m doing something wrong…
Using the X96 vfd.conf and dtb inside don’t work
Already install openvfd

My box X96 Air P2 4/32gb 1gb LAN

Post dmesg output

Try it with this VFD =>

That is not dmesg output.

You need to save the raw vfd file…

Will the dtb change for the X96, S905X3 devices be merged in a nightly soon (I have an X96 Air P2)?

Also I have a few boxes I’ve never bothered sorting the screen on, what do you need to assist, just the output of cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio from android or the dtb as well? I’ve got
GooBang Doo XB-III < S905W
Abox A1 < S905X
Kingbox K3 < S912


Big thanks for the help

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What do you mean will the DTB change?
The default DTB sources had some conflicts which were fixed. It will be included in nightlies later, when we make some more changes.

cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio is easy, so I’d start with that. It doesn’t always provide the required info, in that case the DTB is needed.

What vdf could be worth for Hk1?

DTB Android:dtbAndroidHk1.img (438 Bytes)

I also leave the log of the Gpio:

Sorry dtb wise I meant there’s one posted in this thread that fixes the screen on the x96 s905x3 boxes. People who applied the one from this thread had it overwritten when they updated to the latest nightly and the screen stopped again. Will your altered dtb be pushed into the nighties?

I’ll give that command a go and post it and see if it gives what you need. How do you get the output on, I can’t figure it.

@vmce You can’t from android, you need to take a screenshot or write it down.

@SamWilson Try

DTB changes will be in the next nightly, so you will not need the attached DTB in newer builds.

I have a T95MAXplus box with S905X3 procesor and 4G/32G.
Installed CoreELEC and for my needs all works.
Only display can’t light up.Tryed several config files, but no one work.
Attaching screnshot from android and picture of VFD.