How to run CoreElec on internal memory eMMC on NG boxes (S905X2, S922X) having full operating Android system too

Tested on “X96 Max”, installation working without any issue. I can confirm the previous comment. The boot time & Kodi responses are really very fast.

LibreELEC:~ # systemd-analyze
Startup finished in 2.382s (kernel) + 4.477s (userspace) = 6.860s reached after 4.477s in userspace

I suggest to use this solution/script for others.

Emerson: Thanks for sharing this excellent script!

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I modified the initramfs. 1000 lines shorter init script. Ext4 rootfs is also faster than the compressed squash file system.

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Thanks for script!
It will work with nightly? And how to update CE later if you said :


Majk: if I good understand, this solution works for stable 9.2.0 version only. If you want other version (nightly builds), you need to patch the corresponding kernel image (so, it means auto update function doesn’t works)
Emerson: could you please provide description (source code) how to patch the original CE kernel?

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Only stable releases are supported.
In the next release I will make the kernel.img file.
The root file system can be updated with rsync. How to later.


DATAOFFSET=$(dmesg | grep mmcblk | grep '  data' | awk '{ print $7}'| sed "s/.$//g" | head -n 1)
OFFSET=$(printf "%d\n" $DATAOFFSET)
#echo $OFFSET
#echo $EMMCDEV
#echo $LOOPDEV
#echo $MNTDIR
#echo $CEDIR
if [ ! -d $MNTDIR ] ; then
 mkdir "$MNTDIR"
losetup -f -o "$OFFSET" "$EMMCDEV"
mount -o noatime,nodiratime "$LOOPDEV" "$MNTDIR"
if [ ! -d $CEDIR ] ; then
 mkdir $CEDIR

OK it works I had to tidy up the quotes as the website seemed to mess it up. (498 Bytes)

Thanks so perfect.

thanks.Did anyone tryied on Vorke Z6/Tanix TX92?

This version does not work on S912 SOC.
Use this version.
Copy the files to the backup share and run the commands.

Login via SSH and type this 3 lines

cd backup
chmod +x

I tested it on Vorke Z6+ perfect!

Which script does what and why ? I’m interested but I also want to be able to update CE.

Emerson, can you post

dmesg | pastebinit

can you explain how to get access to android internal storage after use that second script? Nothing changed in here after run that script.

Any chance to have the script to perform a full emmc/nand installation for being able to boot CE directly without sdcard?

I’ve tried to restore CE original with script and install again but now I have this notice:
Not enough space on Android data partition. Exiting!

How to install now again to eMMC?

Hi,being a bit of a Linux novice …used to do updates/configs via winscp in Windows…
Didn’t work for me this time.
Did it all in linux,burnt image using 9.02 Offical,then put nightly off the 22nd on .

SSH into coreelec, copy over and run scripts .rebooted …now have 32gb for Coreelec storage as that was the size of the SD. SD back into Linux ,deleted STORAGE…not needed. :+1:
Attached USB 3 HDD ,set up shares
Scanned in library…which is super fast.
Was able to scan ,download and install addons at the same time :crazy_face:. .not able to do that before!
Had the same issue when going back to normal resize. Not enough space on Android…reimaged box …took 20mins .

Its definitely worth doing ,very responsive and a lot more fluid .
Many thanks,very pleased …and I know alot more about Linux now :+1::nerd_face:

If you are talking about the I made from Emerson’s post the android partition is mounted at /tmp/data . You can either symlink it to storage or change MNTDIR="/tmp/data" to set where you want to mount to.

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This is not yet possible.

This script is an example only. Here I write about the details. Use Google translate.

  • login via SSH
  • reboot recovery
  • wipe data
  • run install script.

thank you very much