Hyperion.NG, Amlogic improvements

I’m using the Lightberry (Arduino) USB serial > SPI adaptor, given that I’m not using the built in SPI would this still be relevant?

Sorry, wanted to reply to vorohe6910
No, not needed if connection N2-Arduino is USB.

Anybody having this issue on the latest Alpha 7?

https://hyperion-project.org/threads/howto-hyperion-ng-libreelec-inoffiziell-unofficially.10463/page-3 (post 47, I couldn’t hyper link)

Basically controlling Hyperion with anything but the web interface causes this disco light effect? Like documented on the hyperion project forum this is an alpha 7 issue, but downgrading back to Alpha 6 I STILL have this issue? Is there any way to solve this or can I get a link to the older version?

So is there a way to get older versions?

Yes, i am using SPI for LED control. SPI is enabled and works with the odroid test program: https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-c2/application_note/gpio/spi#tab__odroid-c2

I took a second SD card, installed Ubuntu and compiled Hyperion NG.
I was not able to get the platform capture working but the LED were lightning and effects or colours works as well.

No, because for some reason Portisch didn’t put this on github? At least not that I see? I basically just went here and got the oldest version.


I have no idea why it’s not on github because I could just easily downgrade my Hyperion install and have this common issue fixed. It really sucks because I’m unable to use my ambilight easily.


I had seen that page, but hadn’t noticed the “switch to archive” link. Pulled down 9.2.101 and BOOM, problem fixed.

Legend, thanks for sending me back to that page.

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Wheres the switch to archive link? I’d also like to get 9.2.101 haha

Edit: nevermind just found it myself! http://coreelec.relkai.org/?dir=addons/9.2/Amlogic/arm/service.hyperion.ng

Yes, 9.2.101 works for me also! Thank you for your note! :slight_smile:

@Portisch could you create a Coreelec Version from this Fork?

I would love to try the new USB decoding stuff.

No, there are minimum of 165 forks from Hyperion.ng This link you posted isn’t a real fork anyway.

It’s better you learn how to modify the build system to use your preferred fork and compile it by yourself.

Or you ask the creator of the fork if he can give you a compiled build.

In the menu I still have Blue-Red color switched after many years.
Always waiting for a fix but it never comes, so I always revert back to the version.101, and stopped updating a year ago.

Home assistant forced me to update to .104 (2.0.0 alpha 7) and I sadly see this bug is still there.
How come everyone has it right and while playing a video it is perfect, but in the menu the RGB is BGR and 2 colors are switched with my armbox S912.

Also with the latest update (coming from 101) I have random colorful flickers. What can cause it?

Nobody else does have problems with RGB-BRG order. Maybe your hardware do have a different logical electrical connection. But I remember there is a wizard in the web interface of Hyperion where you can exchange the colors. The value will be stored into the Hyperion config and it is still working with newest version.

Others have this too apparently:

And there is a fix for that, and funny enough you updated the addon :smiley:

As you the only one having here this issue I guess it is no bug!? Just adjust your colors in the addon web interface or in your Hyperion driver (an Arduino) on my side.

I don’t remember the the firmware I use but like here you are also able to modify the color order:

Feel free to make a pull request to the Hyperion.NG project if you think it’s a fault of Hyperion. Then the Hyperion devs can check it.

During videoplayback the color order is good, in the menu it is not good, in menu Blue and Red are switched.
When I switch color order either in firmware or in FW or Hyperion, the video playback will be bad, and menu will be good.

And I literally posted a link where the issue and the fix explained, please implement it to this release.

MunkeyBalls made an RGB fix here, but for the old version, and Home Assistant does not recognise it anymore properly:

No, I am not a Hyperion developer and it maybe will break it for other users.
Make a pull request or issue here: https://github.com/hyperion-project/hyperion.ng

And when this is the fix how it should fix it???


Line 52 is never get hit as ENABLE_AMLOGIC is true!?!?!

I have no idea because I’m not a developer and I have no idea how this works, but it worked well at least for me. I’m pretty sure many ppl have this problem, they just straight up disabled in menu with hyperion controller, and only using in playback, or just ignore the fact that it is broken for them, or just waiting patiently in the last 2 years for a fix (it was me).

Here is another discussion of this problem:

Took 2 pictures. Latest stable CoreElec with the currently available Hyperion (based on alpha

Menu B and R switched

Playback proper colors

Oh and reported in hyperion.ng github, but they pointed me back here…

AMLOGICGRABB stops working after couple hours - Hyperion.ng