Inputstream adaptive update request

Since my problems with Netflix since resolution since yesterday, I checked all my addon versions, and found out that there is a new "inputstream adaptive version.2.4.5.
Since in CoreElec this versions are always “adjusted” and updated to x.x.x.1 versions, can any developer take a look at this to make available, because last available version is still

I’ve been testing an updated version for the last couple days.

So it’s already in the process of being taken care of, and an updated inputstream.adaptive will happen soon.

The newest version is 2.4.5, not 2.5.4 from what I can see. It should appear in nightlies soon together with Kodi 18.7 bump.

Actually, there is a 2.5.x version, but it’s only meant for Kodi 19.

Yes, expecting, sorry for typo error :slight_smile: Corrected original post…


Is this the reason for Netflix playing only at 540p ?
As I have been following with netflix plugin, input adaptive and the netflix player, I see there was some new changes to the netflix player which didn’t allow us to play at 1080p on chromium widevine workaround.

My test device is Beelink GT1-Ultimate I have raised an issue at input adaptive git.

Issue Raised
Plugin team says its nothing to do with their plugin.
I see coreelec is using Android EGL is it making use of Libhybris in any ways?

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Fresh from oven, version is ready to download from here.

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Hmm I downloaded the version that you linked and installed it.
After a reboot netflix accepted the new inputstream version, however the resolution still goes only up to 540p…

Yes, it’s not working at the moment. You can follow in this topic the progress: