Install issues x96 max plus S905X3 4GB/64gb

I have two amlogic boxes, a alfwawise h96 Pro plus, installed super celeron Rom on internal, then have coreelac on microsd…so know have to use Rufus to write image, the copy relevent STB file, rename, and so pin reset.

The second box is a x96 max plus, so downloaded the different image, wrote onto microsd, copied and renamed dtb file.

Doing pin reset, it hangs on bootup image, on the world image. It doesn’t come up with corelac logo or progress to install/partition.

Another issue not relevent to corelac is I can’t learn the IR codes onto my URC mx-850 remote.

I’m using


Is your Hardware POSSIBLY

2GB RAM DDR3 + 16GB eMMC / Wifi b/g/n / NO Bluetooth / Ethernet 10/100

Follow my instructions i posted HERE

It’s 4gb model with 64gb internal

I guess I could try the 2gb dtb file, if that works…

Nope still doesnt work. I’ve gone into recovery and selected boot into recovery and just shows world image.

Am I stuck with just using Kodi within android? Bit annoyed!!!

It looks like you have firmware dated 26th June 2020 which may be different to others with this box.
This will have to be confirmed with other members using this box with CE.

The firmware may be incompatible due to non conforming boot from Sd / USB

Please test in Android to make sure this box is definitely running Amlogic chip.

I’ll take a few photos tonight in aida64.

From memory it said amlogic A55 Franklin. 4gb/64

Whats more annoying is playing back mpeg2 is juddery, yet on s912 Android/Kodi or coreelac Kodi it’s smooth. And this is a newer faster box.

I only recently added coreelac to the s912 as never really looked into it, as Kodi in android worked well, I guess more advanced features like proper frame rate adjustment in coreelac but didn’t notice issues with 24hz material so just left it…but now with his 905x3 has issues with standard def.
Also doesn’t play some files, that work on the s912, some unusual Japanese h264 girls und panzer (audio but no video)

I’m leaning towards the Android Firmware causing your inability to Boot CE from SD Card.

Off topic as far as your hardware goes but this is what happened with a recent Android TV update i did on a Vim3 .
I was able to bring it to the attention of the Rom Builder here.

No idea who you would be able to contact for your hardware.

What firmware can I use for this box? I read with superceleron I’ll lose reset button.

I have no idea what Firmware you can use.

Superceleron example i used was to show you what happens with an update to Android.
I’m using a Khadas Vim3 which has a helpful community of users and Rom Builders.
The guy who builds the Rom responds to issues and uses CE as well.

You purchased a box with ZERO manufacturer software support so you now have to search
the Interweb looking for a Rom with working uBOOT.

I was hoping someone with this box might help you in comparing your Android dated Rom to theirs.

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