Installing to internal NAND/eMMC

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Go over to ❓ Which DTB do I use?
and disclose your device and DTB.IMG you used to successfully boot CE.

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hello, my Mecool KIII Pro (S912) is running fine with coreelec 9.0.1 from microsd card with gxm_q200_k3_pro.dtb

but after running “installtointernal” two times without errors, it hangs at the boot logo. it still can only start with the microsd card.

what could the reason?


Is that the CE Boot Logo ??
Or the Android Boot logo ???

I have installed CE in my Odroid N2 flashing a sd card samsung evo 32gb.
Is there any advantage in flashing an emmc with the same CE version?
And, if yes, what should I do for flashing it? Any different method compared to sd flash? Any difference for booting or is it just the same as for my present sd installation?
Of course I should by a emmc for N2 I suppose or those for C2 are ok also?
I apologise for questions that you may consider almost silly, but I am completely out of technicism with very little experience.
Thanks for help

The emmc is faster than a micro sd card.
There are some issues that occurs only if you running CE from card.
You can write the CE image to your emmc with a micro sd adapter or usb emmc writer or inside the N2 from a micro sd card using installtoemmc script.

Let us know if you notice the difference in speed when you install to emmc.
I’m interested as i have CE running on the Samsung Evo SD Card and it’s lightning fast.
Faster than any other Box I own. Faster than CE installed to internal on these other boxes as well.

The Suspend Mode using the Samsung SD Cards is solved. It works for me. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone reporting issues lately.

I started using N2 with fast sandisk card and I thought it is fast. Then put the emmc and it updates faster.
I had CEC issue after suspend or update with sd card which is not present with emmc.

The emmc on the Vim2 is significantly fast than any of the SD cards.


I have ordered from Korea the emmc card 32gb, the micro sd adapter and the usb emmc writer.
Which software should I use to write CE on the emmc using the usb emmc writer?
Thanks again.

This is not a like-for-like test. The Sandisk card you are using is a very old card, not even a U1 card.

Anyway the Sandisk Extreme / Extreme Plus / Extreme Pro U3 cards are very cheap now and are noticably faster than the U1 cards.

You can use Etcher. Very easy to use and available on Windows, Mac & Linux.

Thank you. Will report after the emmc arrives.

I don’t get it what you want to tell me…

How embarrassing . You’re right. :laughing:
I just pulled out the Sandisk to have a look.
Thanks for pointing that out.

Don’t worry about it. I was testing a Sandisk Card that belongs in a Museum.

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I just grabbed one of my old Sandisk U1 cards to compare like-for like and the results were pretty similar to the Samsung U1. 19.5 Read (slightly faster), 14.2 write (slightly slower)

I’ve got an Odroid-N2 and a Le Potato board on order where installing to eMMC is supported.

Does the eMMC module have to be configured first or does the script handle all that?

Can the image be written to the eMMC module with a USB writer similar to the way the SD card is written?

You don’t need too much preparation. just insert it into the USB writer or the sd adapter and you can write it on your computer with your favourite software.

Cool, you guys make it easy :slight_smile:

The emmc and the tools arrived from Korea. Upon installation of CE (always nightly builds) and 2 days of use I say that, Imo, the speed and the response from the kodi gui are faster.
It is also faster downloading the movies informations from the web (with the sd card it took almost 2 hours for my entire movie collection to be updated) and only 1 hour and half with the emmc.
Then the quality of both video and audio are ,again Imo, better than with the sd card.
I am absolutely amazed at what I see on my Lg C8 oled and at what I here from my Sony 5000 soundbar.
It is almost unbelievable the upscaling quality of my 2K movies and thrilling the quality from my 4K HDR movies.
You, CE guys are fantastic. Thank you again.
I have only a problem with the movies encoded with VC1.
They are not fluid and the audio (any type) is played intermittently.
This does not happen with Mecool K1 Pro and CE of course, so I believe is a problem belonging to N2
may be.
This Odroid rivals and maybe surpasses my dedicated Htpc with a nvidia gtx 1070 graphic card for both video and audio quality.

Edit: with today’s nighttly build 20190511 by afl1 the VC1 problem has been solved. Thanks guys.