Interesting DV

what type of Media-Box i must buy for using it?

Ugoos AM6 Plus or MINIX NEO U22-XJ
There are possibly others, but I’m not aware of them.
You can also buy the new Google TV dongle, but it’s very unlikely that CE will run on it.

does andorid pie for odroid n2 and kodi 19 alpha work?

We don’t really deal with Android here.

So if I buy a Ugoos AM6 Plus it runs Corelec and I can also play mkvs that have built in DolbyVision?

Highly unlikely, but it should work in Android I suppose.
I have a MINIX NEO U22-XJ and after it finishes loading Android, it switches the TV into DV mode.
I don’t know whether playing MKVs will work on it or not, it depends on the software just as much as the hardware support.

No, only in Android with modified ExoPlayer.

Anybody know how to patch ffmpeg and build coreelec so we can get Dolby vision.

Patches were taken from Plex

it’s not that easy :wink:

You need to patch ffmpeg, implement it in Kodi, implement the 32bit Dolby Vision kernel module into CoreELEC.

So before getting Dolby Vision included it is needed to port CoreELEC to 32bit kernel…

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Add support for Matroska DolbyVision by fandangos · Pull Request #18965 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

Hi there!

Unfortunately I was not able to create a new topic (due to the fact I am a new reg on this forum), but on Kodi forums coule of unbelievable guys managed to build a Kodi v19 RC1 with full Dolby Vision support for MKV files. It is only for Android yet, however, only the FFMPEG needed to be changed (based on Plex’s implementation, as far as I am concerned)

Since I own an Ugoos AM6Plus and DV capable TV I was able to try it out, it works as a charm. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
This is the forum thread:

My question is, since I have never built/compiled Coreelec in my life, do you guys think it is possible to make a nightly for DolbyVision based on this commit by Fandangos?

It could support S922X-J amlogic SoCs (Ugoos AM6Plus and maybe Minix Neo U22-UJ - if they are playing nicely with CE team so far, I know that Ugoos is)

I would be happy to help testing it. :slightly_smiling_face:


When you used the forum search you would found DV is currently not available on CoreELEC.

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I did find that, but this commit makes it available. See what I mean? Only matter of FFPMEG code.

DV is currently only supported by 32bit Kernel. CoreELEC use aarch64. So there is no DV hardware decoder support (yet).

Oh now I understand, thank you for your answer!
(Now I feel stupid, the thing was posted 3 posts back, sorry :smiley: )

It would be amazing if this could be got to work. The Kodi19 DV build on Android is working fairly well with Ugoos AM6+/Minix U22 but getting it to work in COREelec would be far better.

Time to put a bounty on it.

I thought tonemapping was taking over for Dolby Vision files on CoreELEC, but it’s just a greenish mess.

Dolby Vision is everywhere now and I really hope to see something soon for CoreELEC. :wink:

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Please list/expand this “everywhere” which is not heavily DRM protected, and so unavailable on Arm devices that can use CoreElec.

Donate some Bitcoins :wink:

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