IR readings and button registration


I’ve got a Leelbox MXQ Pro Mini with a S905X chip running latest CoreElec 20.2 Nexus.

The remote I’m working with the default remote (see attachement) but the LED button is changed to a box with a play button.

The readings or protocol show IRMP but NEC works better as it does not have double click with one of the code to input files.

My issue is, some buttons like the globe, arrow key (bottom left button near the d-pad area), Kodi and backspace key (near the numb pad area) do nothing along with the power button that can turn off the device but cannot turn on the device. (Blob is enabled and I set the file in /storage/ yet still has no effect)

Sounds like a job for Keymap Editor. It’s available from the Kodi repo and is in the program section.

As an example, I use it to enable/disable subtitles by pressing the back button key - the one bottom right that is.

I’ve tried setting the key with keymap editor. Didn’t seem to pick up the input. But when I stop Kodi and stop eventlired to run ir-keytable -u and click the buttons on the remote. The inputs get picked up (post deleted by the IR sensor on the

Did you try generating a custom keymap file? My post regarding my experience may be of help.