Is the MCE usb receiver supported?

I’ve used these receivers with openelec and libreelec since forever. As far as I can remember they’ve just worked - plug 'em in, point and press.
I’m struggling to get them to work in coreelec.
Running 8.95.5
Am I missing something obvious?


I’d like the option to stick a box behind the tv or in a cupboard and plug in an mce receiver. That’s what I do with windows and libreelec, it would be nice to get it working in CE.
I’m more than happy to troubleshoot, but I’ve hit a brick wall here.

Have you tried to write a custom rc_maps.cfg file?

You have all the info you need here:

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I used MCE Receiver and a Dell MCE Remote on CoreELEC on three different boxes.

The only thing I had to do was use the Addon “LibreELEC Module Drivers” and use either DVB Drivers from latest kernel or DVB Drivers for TBS option followed by a reboot.

An additional thing I did was to disable the onboard IR from picking up the MCE signals as I was getting double presses. I did this by taking a copy of /etc/rc_maps.cfg and placing it in /storage/.config and then adding a # at the start of the line at the bottom which says:

*		rc-rc6-mce	libreelec_multi