Java for BD-J menus?

If I activate Full BD menu support I get an error message that java is missing for BD-J. Can you please add java to the next CoreElec builds to support BD-J?

There are no plans to include Java with our releases as this would increase our image size by over 50%.

BD menu support should be fine for files without BD-J.

would love to see this added also, or maybe a guide so we can do it ourselves?

Would it be possible to supply an addon package for Java? This could prevent to increase of the image size.

Unfortunately not, there is plenty of information already available on this topic, Google ‘BD-J Kodi’.

Someone had been working on a plugin for adding BD-J but was only looking at x86. Someone would need to take that work with ARM being the target. You need more then just the JRE as you need to rebuild libbluray to produce libbluray*.jar, so at least the JDE and Apache Ant.

I got so far as installing Zulu as the JDK on my Odroid C2, but haven’t gotten to trying to build libbluray yet.


i also would like to get java. Sdcards are cheap nowadays and internet connections faster than before. It would be nice to be able to have java (as an option) for those who want it.

thanks to the team and people around here

Even with Java not all menus are working :frowning:

wait and see i guess !

I spend lot of time on this in the past with Java and saw no perfection :frowning:

Doesn’t Makemkv supports something similar?

Hi vpeter

mkv is one thing, full untouched (uhd)bluray is another. Kodi has the feature when java is present (assuming it’s working). Everyone is free to choose what’s best for him !

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If you want to check java try this rpi addon and see if it is working:
It is arm version so it could? If not you just need to replace java with correct version.

It is from this LE thread:

I don’t run any aml device but I will be happy to help get java running if interested.