Java for BD-J menus

Maybe someone else would have any idea.

One option is to try with freshly made system not using old restore.

I also tried, fresh coreelec install and later your backup, same result…

What hardware are you using? Are you running the correct software?


Mecool KM9 s905x2

ok, then… I have re-read what you have said and had a second look at your screenshoot. If I were you, I would do a complete re-install of CE and then redo all the settings and add sources and apps and stuff from scratch. Something must have gone wrong when you made the backup.


As usually I put 9.2.5 files here:

Currently untested.


A new libbluray version has been released (2020-10-25: Version 1.2.1).
Maybe some visible improvements…

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Unfortunately the change history is a little vague. One would need to dig into the change history in more detail to determine what “Improve” means.

2020-10-25: Version 1.2.1

  • Add initial support for .fmts files.
  • Improve missing/broken playlist handling (“Star Trek Beyond 4K”).
  • Improve UHD metadata support.
  • Improve BD-J compability.
  • Improve error resilience and stability.
  • Fix long delay in “Evangelion, You are (not) alone” menu.
  • Fix JVM bootstrap issues with some Java 9 versions.
  • Fix sign extended bytes when reading single bytes in BDJ.
  • Fix creating organization and disc specific BD-J BUDA directories.
  • Use external libudfread when available.
  • Rename list_titles to bd_list_titles and add it to installed programs.

There are some very interessting improvements in the new version. It would nice to give it a try.

So without trawling through 100s of posts, how I try and set this up so that I can view bluray menus on my n2?

You either use your money or your time to find out… send me 10 bucks and I’ll trawl the comments for you and sum it up… :wink:


Thanks, that’s really helpful.

Not 100% related to this per se, but any idea why resume doesn’t work when playing back blurays if I enable menus? If I set coreelec to just play the main title then resume works fine, but then there’s no way to access the menu of the disc. If I enable menus then I can play everything fine but resume no longer works at all.

where can i get this new update .ibbluray (2020-10-25: Versión 1.2.1).

I don’t think even Kodi Matrix is using this library. So you would need to build it yourself.

tools.jre.zulu-9.2.100-Amlogic-ng-libbluray ,I thought it was a complement to install and reproduce Bd with menus

That’s true: image + this addon needs to be installed.

where can i get the complement

What? You need this: Java for BD-J menus?

Thanks for everything, once the add-on is installed, you have to do something else to reproduce.for example I use google drive or also from emby on local disk.

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