Khadas VIM3, "green" screen and "installtoemmc"

can i use the “installtoemmc” on the VIM3 now or not?
i read something about “green Screen” and newer Firmware… ?

Because my new VIM3 is arrived with working NIC Card :slight_smile:

Not yet as the “green” screen issue isn’t solved yet. So please stay on SD/USB till this get solved.
And use a Khadas Android firmware before 0907!

oh okay… so i had to downgrade my Android Firmware

We are aware of the issue and have been for a number of weeks and are working to resolve it, the recommendation to downgrade Android is just a temporary fix for the problem with something more long term in the pipeline.

The root cause is that Khadas is using the very latest Amlogic Android buildroot and the bootloader that is built is not compatible with the kernel that we use.

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