Khadas VIM3, "green" screen and "installtoemmc"

can i use the “installtoemmc” on the VIM3 now or not?
i read something about “green Screen” and newer Firmware… ?

Because my new VIM3 is arrived with working NIC Card :slight_smile:

Not yet as the “green” screen issue isn’t solved yet. So please stay on SD/USB till this get solved.
And use a Khadas Android firmware before 0907!

oh okay… so i had to downgrade my Android Firmware

We are aware of the issue and have been for a number of weeks and are working to resolve it, the recommendation to downgrade Android is just a temporary fix for the problem with something more long term in the pipeline.

The root cause is that Khadas is using the very latest Amlogic Android buildroot and the bootloader that is built is not compatible with the kernel that we use.

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Is this fixed in the new kernel?

I’m still weighing my options on what device to get. VIM3L should be enough for me I guess though currently on works with nightlies. I don’t like to get new devices too often, I’d rather get a higher specs one that would hopefully last a while.

The VIM3 comes with android on eMMC which I don’t really have use for, so I’d rather replace it with CE. I prefer using eMMC over an SD card.

Not being very knowledgable, I wanna make sure it’s not too difficult.
Think there are 3 different options:

  1. “installtoemmc” which may or may not be working with the new kernel
  2. cemmc
  3. Guy from Khadas told me to use the next:
    but this is for LE…and for an SD card. Language barrier is a bit of an issue with our dialogs.

Bee-link GT Pro is another alternative a more straight forward streamer than a SBC. I saw some discussions on them changing stuff a lot on the boards they ship and something Rev A/Rev B inconsistencies, which makes me a little hesitant.

Another unrelated question: When using CE, there is no limit on lossless audio delivery (Atmos etc)? it’s just an Android restriction?

This was resolved a long time ago and it’s a common problem across all new devices due to changes Amlogic made in the bootloader.

The VIM3 is really the gold standard, it’s the most powerful and it has top quality components unlike the Beelink.

L-PCM works fine for Atmos.

Thanks adamg.
That’s probably where I’ll head once I’m finally convinced the N2 will not likely work for me (got a couple more cables ordered I want to try and some guy on their forum asked to see EDID info and waiting to see if he can tell something from it), it seems to be getting worse so not much hope there.

I don’t actually have a fancy audio system currently, but I’m considering upgrading it little by little. I know the N2 can passthrough all the fancy audio formats. Being a novice, I’m not quite sure if Atmos/DTS-MA and up are an android OS limitation and if they should work on CE/nix.