Khadas VIM3 testbuilds

That’s it! Thanks a lot.

Should be this one, IR Remote:

What s with the M2 connector?Can we connect Pcie adapter and Pc-cards (network,wlan,Tv etc.) to use with VIM3?

It’s possible in theory, but there is a lot of variables involved in what will and won’t work. Mostly leaning to a lot of surprise it won’t work. You also loose the usage of USB 3.0 if you use the pcie bus with the soc on the vim3. USB 3.0 and pcie share resources on the soc. Over all depending on what you want to add connecting stuff via USB is a much better option. Reading through the documentation from khadas and the khadas forum would be highly suggested before getting any ideas on what you can plug into the m.2 connector.

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Khadas said there is one pcie lane ,so i thought you can use minimum x1 cards…why not using usb?it is such a money thing:N2 or vim3+power supply+housing +2 (buggy cypress shit)usb dvb tuners= 200EU! …so in my case it is better to buy a dreambox…but thanks for you answer

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To all users what where applying the bl301 bootloader blob injection:
Please make again with the last nightly (0814) again a injection by running the tool inject_bl301 to enable auto update of the bl301 blob.

More information:

The PCI-E lane and USB 3.0 share the same SoC (the processor) resources. You can either have 1 PCI-E 2.0 lane OR you can have a USB 3.0 port. (on the N2 you have a built-in 4 port hub, so there are 4 USB 3.0 ports)

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Hello, for Vim 3, can we install the stable version 9.0.3 ?
If not, currently, which is the most stable version with automatic update ?

Latest nightly is good for VIM3, no stable release at the moment which supports VIM3.

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Thanks. I will try

installtoemmc will be available in tomorrows nightly for the VIM3.


WOW! Great news, thanks.

Great ! thank for coreelec team.

And what will be the installation procedure to follow? the emmc must be connected to the computer via USB?

No, you just type installtoemmc on SSH, its noob-proof.

is this the correct file for VIM3 ?:

Is anoyone able to confirm that the VIM3 outputs HDR metadata Maxfall CLL like the Odroid N2?

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For vim3 it’s CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly_20190814-Generic.img.gz

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None of us have the tools to confirm this, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, since it’s running the same code.

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how to make the remote control works ? I have the “remote.conf” file , but where should i copy it ?
thanks :slight_smile: