Khadas VIM3 testbuilds

And when you set it to 1?

Ok, so on when updating 20190929 to 20191003 use_rgb_to_yuv=0 makes no difference, however on a fresh install of 20191003 use_rgb_to_yuv=0 fixes the issue. Not sure why it works on a fresh install but not an upgrade, but at least it works.

Ok, next problem, I already have CoreELEC installed to my Vim3’s emmc using the old installtointernal method from before it was removed, now when I boot a fresh install of 20191003 from SD card and run ceemmc 1 I get the following:-

CoreELEC:~ # ceemmc 1

Starting CoreELEC eMMC installation tool v0.1...

eMMC size: 0x0003a3e00000 [16GB]
Error opening file for reading '/dev/reserved'!
Failed to read original partition table!

You can use ceemmc tool only when Android is installed.

Correct, you have to restore Android first to default. Maybe this is the issue of your colour problem too.

Ok, which Android restore file do I need to use?

0809 or 0907 or does it not matter?

Use VIM3_Pie_V190907.
That’s maybe the reason of all that confuse. Installtoemmc used the “old” bootloader.

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Thanks @vpeter and @Portisch installed to emmc and working perfectly now :smiley:


Does it also work without forcing this parameter now?

Yes, works perfectly without the use_rgb_to_yuv line.

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Do you find a difference between a good Micro SD card and internal memory? Cordially.

A good SD is almost the same as eMMC. Your just more safe on using SD. If it breaks just rewrite it on a PC or exchange it. If eMMC breaks… you can not de-solder it.
It also depends of the quality of the eMMC. Like on “no name” brand the eMMC is mostly worse than a good $5 SD card.

Hello! A small video with a multimedia test in coreelek for Khadas VIM3 Pro.


Wow, this is yours? How to display animated poster in estuary skin?

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How you get the side menu icons?

open the link below the video on yt
Estuary Mod v2 + Eim4Qed fork ExtendedInfo Script

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Yep, figured it. Forgot the animatedposter enabled in the skin. thanks anyway.

Anyone an idea? Is it possible to disable hdcp?

Does it work in Android? To rule out hw.