Khadas VIM4 A311D2

Latest board with the new Amlogic A311D2 SOC.

An article here


Not (yet) supported.

As it is not quite available for purchase then that would be logical right now.

Or are you saying that it will never be supported?

Normally people tend to post products here and then someone asks about support. I wanted to be quicker here.

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From the specs, looks overkill for CE. Could be over 200 bucks.

Yes, way to much power for a media center.

Just about the fact: this new SoC will maybe only be supported by Amlogic 5.4 kernel what we didn’t touched yet.

The negative affect of the 5.4 kernel will be all SoC before SM1 (S905X3) aren’t supported anymore.
So there is also no support for G12B like S922X in this kernel and maybe will be never.

Currently we try to add SC2 (S905X4) to 4.9 kernel and afterwards we will start to take a look at the 5.4 kernel. As much as possible without access to the sources…

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:grin: That’s nuclear blast for 99% of the audience. The 5.4 kernel will bring something new? Like AV-1 sw decoding.

No, 5.4 have nothing to do with AV1. AV1 sw decoding is already possible. Since SC2 it will be supported by hardware. But the SC2 is not based anymore on g12a/g12b. It’s like a step to S908X like S905X2 to S922X. That’s the reason Amlogic do drop support of it. SM1 is a bit based on g12a and still supported.

It’s like from 3.14 to 4.9 we lost GXBB and GXM and to 5.4 we will loose G12A, G12B and GXL. But as you can see it’s a big number of hardware revisions and Amlogic want to sell the new stuff.
So to be save for future minimum try to get SM1 or even higher as the SC2 will become available on market soon.

SM1 is fully supported on 4.9. SC2 not tested yet but should be on 5.4 if we get it up and running.

The kernel 5.4 brings up the possibilities to include new device drivers. With 4.9 we reached already the limits as backport from mainline isn’t possible anymore without a huge amount of time - what does mean: our free time.


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Seems as though most CE users will see absolutely no benefit over the already overkill S922x


The upgraded GPU should give better GUI performance, especially at 4K.

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Upgraded GPU? It’s still Mali G52 I think, same as S922X. Really new is the 64bit RAM interface. So now more than 4GB RAM are possible. And for sure some other improvements…

Yep it’s a Mali G52, however the specs are different:-

S922X - G52 MP4 4EE’s
A311D - G52 MP4 4EE’s
S922XJ - G52 MP6 6EE’s
A311D2 - G52 MP8 8EE’s

A surprise announcement. The S908X is what AML fans are waiting for and with the Rockchip RK3588 getting a lot of attention, I would have thought that AMLogic would not want to be playing catch-up for long.

Perhaps an indication that S905X is not coming any time soon.

Khadas would need release a lite version to get any interest from me. My minix u22 has been serving me well.

That was supposed to release in 2020, It’s was announced then nothing else was heard of it :frowning:

Will Khadas VIM4 be supported by CoreELEC and when to expect it?

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It’s being worked on but no ETA.


Thank you. Awesome Team, as always!

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