KIII boot slow and some problems

Hi everybody I have an akaso kiii and I use the device tree gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit since I update to version 9.2.2 I am experiencing various problems. I have done a clean install and re-created the files on the sd card but it continues the same.

  1. The boot time is insufferable it takes up to 5 minutes (timed) until the splash appears with the label 9.2.2 and from this moment 3 minutes (timed) until the kodi gui appears. This with the previous release 9.2.1 this did not happen.

  2. The wifi device many times doesn’t show the wifi networks and i have to reboot again.

  3. Other bug that i have from the release 9.2.1 is that I must remain with the screensaver disabled because this blocks the kodi gui. I always have to restart from ssh.

Please provide logfiles

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This is kodi.log, kodi.old.log and kodi.crash.log .

This is log do it , and

A lot of I/O errors like below
CoreELEC kernel: Buffer I/O error on device mmcblk1p2, logical block 61839110
CoreELEC kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev mmcblk1, sector 124734990
Try differend sd/usb card

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Thank you @boot2k3 but it is a lot of coincidence that the card just gets damaged when changing the version.

if I format the card again it will be solved or the card is damaged.

And the problem with the screensaver?.

Some boxes don’t like some sd cards… So I couldn’t answer on this question. If it possible than better try another one.
As for screensaver you could try tomorrow(will be available tomorrow) nightly build that include 18.7 kodi. May be you issue fixed there. It doesn’t look like CE issue, but Kodi.

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Ok thank you @boot2k3 i test´ll with other micro sd

I continue with the bug with the screensaver. I upload new log with the last release of CoreELEC, newly installed and without addons. I would like that the screensaver to work. It not do yet. I have formatted the microsd and it seems that now it is going fast.