Kodi 19 in CoreELEC

Yes of course, it wasn’t me who mentioned IPTV Archive, I was just pointing out that Matrix had a new timeshift feature which I thought was quite a significant PVR addition.

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I am not sure but the DVBViewer client PVR addon does include timeshift for years now. I can pause forward, backwards and continue at live position with out any issue. I think minimum since Krypton.

So it looks for me a addon “issue”, not a Matrix feature.

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Yes, it is “addon issue” - pvr iptv simple addon doesn’t support such fancy features like other pvr addons.

Whats the addon for pvr reminders called?


DVBViewer is a different method, I was talking specifically about IPTV Simple Client which until Matrix hasn’t had any timeshift functionality. Given that it’s included as standard with Matrix I think it qualifies as a Matrix feature.

hasnt tvheadend the same feature (i didnt use it at all but I thing is there also for long age)…

I guess so, and many other addons do support this feature to. So when this is the only reason for Matrix it shows the low quality of coding in TK. There is for sure no reason to try any unstable release instead of a stable Leia release. When someone take a look to the source of Kodi he will see that this type and code style reached EOL. When someone change a bit on one end it will break something else on the other end.

Also this python 3, remove of Amlogic platform (RPI will follow) decision by TK is a way what should not be supported by open platforms. Also the “spirit” from the founders of XBMC got lost long way back…


I am sure that Matrix will bring some real tangible benefits down the line - but that means at least 6months away. There really are no big leaps forward in functionality to justify migrating yet.
I would love to see a better music player interface (because the current one is impossible to navigate around effectively) but it ain’t there yet.

There is a constant and sometime’s annoying quest for novelty and been on the cutting edge (I am subject to this myself) - but for most users this strategy will bring nothing but pain.


TK? Is one of Kodi fundation member?

TK > Team Kodi

Ah, for me PVR means some serious backend like tvheadend etc., where that function assumingly is already… Thats where my misunderstanding “PVR in Kodi has now timeshift!” comes from.

For me, Kodi really would need separate settings between PVR and Movie/Series for example… (I mean 99% people I know using local TV, where subtitles for hearing troubled people are bothering. In the same time, 98% of people are not native-english folks, so default subtitles ON for DVD/Bluray/Files are a must, because their local movie production kinda sucks, at least in numbers). That would be nice improvement in Kodi default code I would say :slight_smile: And if they would say “we get rid of Estuary and give back Confluence” that would be something which I would cheer a lot :slight_smile:

But I am not talking how Kodi 18 is better than 19. Its pity they left good pieces software behind, I think differently, but that doesnt mean I hate them or such. I hope Kodi will improve, but so far it seems that 19 will be skip for me as 17… Because I dont think in next 3 years something about multimedia drastically changes with demanding entirelly new software, not possible via addons. And I simply dont like making my experience worse. (that not apply for all ofc.!, its my conclusion on announced changes).

KN Switchtimer Service

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are you shure that py3 addons from matrix works with Kopi 18? Have u testet pvr.hts client newest matrix version ?

pvr.hts is binary addon not Python version. And such addons differ in API version which means they are not compatible.

Will Amlogic S905 still be supported?

Not on plan yet, only Amlogic-ng…

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Probably time for me to start thinking about a new media player then…

I did.
Both my s905’s are now decommissioned and I have no regrets :wink:
Now replaced by N2 and C4 I believe it was

Mr. @Portisch Do you intend to release kodi 19 alpha version?
Best regards…

Whilst flagship features may not be a big part of Matrix, there are in all a LOT of bug fixes, tweaks, as well as improvements to addons that have been made as they are ported to Python 3 - that, in all, adds up to a potentially much improved Kodi experience (…assuming all the nice CE video playback continues to be nice with the new version…)

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