Kodi Intermittent Freeze when changing TV Channels


Since updating to 8.90.5 we are finding an issue in that Kodi is freezing when switching channels using TVHeadend backend (running on a seperate machine).

Normally before the odd freeze I would SSH onto the box and do a systemctl stop kodi followed by systemctl start kodi and this would be fine, but I am finding that doesn’t achieve anything. Issuing a reboot just makes the box stick as well meaning that the unit has to be power cycled to get into a working order.

I enabled debug logging within Kodi and have attached some logs, hopefully this will be an indicator of what is happening and hopefully someone can help?


log-2018-07-26-13.51.22.zip (1.7 MB)

I just wondered if anyone was able to advise?

I’ve updated to the latest Kodi build and still experiencing this issue - is anyone else encountering this?

I can confirm exactly the same problem using TVH backend on a remote server.
Nearly everytime I’m switching to another channel, the box (Wetek Hub) freezes and needs to be power cycled.
If I stop the current channel before starting another one, it is working fine.

I’m experiencing this issue since 8.95.0.
In 8.90.5 TVH was still working without any problems.

My TVH server version is 4.2.6.

It seems, this problem is only appearing, when LibreSpot Addon is installed and activated:

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