Kodi or CoreElec S.M.A.R.T. Addon/Feature

Hello, i have a special question please.

I Use a 11TB HDDbay (Archiv) on my S905X Box. On PC ist possible over USB and eSATA read the SMART from the HDD´s fexp. CrystalDiskInfo Tool. But 99,9% of the time the Bay hangs on the Box.
So i wont easy check time to time the SMART values, without the box in other rooms to PC extra to connect.

Can you please inculde a SMART Check at CoreElec or is there any Addon for Kodi please? <3

This will be a real nice and useful function! To keep an eye on the HDD health!!


PS: i see CrystalDiskInfo have now a ARM 32/64 Version, can you implement this? :slight_smile:
Link: CrystalDiskInfo ARM

CE has entware, I’m sure that there are disk monitoring utilities in there.
Look at smartmontools, that’s just from a 2 second google search.

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Im not sure what you mean Brat, sorry my english is poor. It is onboard? Who, i can find this in options? I have search via google, but i found nothing under kodi coreelect S.M.A.R.T. ? :slight_smile:

Install smartmontools

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Not works it says allways open a Terminal window?? :frowning: i chosen yes, nothing comes. Give it no simple SMART display Addon not terminal what ever complicate crap? I use on PC CrystalDiskInfo, im not understand this addon because it not works :confused:

I am not familiar with this specific addon, but as some others my guess it is a set of tools to use in a terminal window.
That means that you won’t see anything on the Kodi interface. You need to SSH into the box and execute the commands.

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I was afraid, so totally useless! :confused: