🆕 Entware package manager

I have been toying with the idea of adding support for the entware package manager to CoreELEC.

Entware is similar to apt/yum/pacman in that it will allow you to install over 2000+ linux applications with ease, no longer would there be a need to use docker or hacky addons to install your favourite applications.

This is something that some people in their infinite wisdom have resisted users calls to add in the past, entware packages were designed originally to run on routers and other low powered ARM based devices so I do not foresee it causing us any issues and will likely only be something that power users will be interested in.

Do you want to install a http server? that’s no problem, just type opkg install apache in SSH.

Why not use your cheap media center box for more than just Kodi!

I would like to hear users thoughts on the idea.


100% yes, please…

Personally i would rather see an ELEC install the way its ment to be; a lean and mean entertaiment center.

If by ‘adding support’ you mean ‘optional’ then sure, why not? If it means adding lots of stuff most will never use at bootup, than my vote would be no.

I love the snappyness of *elec and i would rather not see slowdowns because we want it to clean the house. Just my personal 2 cts.

Have fun with whatever you decide


There would certainly be no slow down and no packages added by default.

I think its an excellent idea and allows such goodies as LVM to be accessed. I always thought the absence of a real package manager was one of the main shortcomings of OpenElec/LibreElec.


This is cool and I like it. I am hoping to be able to run some additional software, i.e. FreeSWITCH, etc., on my TV Box.

yes, yes, yes, I would appreciate it very much, to have Entware as an option on my Kodi-box.
As I have on all of my routers… It makes analyzing problems (network, hardware,…) much easier.
And, as you said, why not use the box for more then Kodi only…
Of course as an option, which does not bother users, who don’t want to have Entware.

I don’t think FreeSWITCH is available but Asterisk is.


Test build for S905 is available for people to try here.

To install Entware, SSH to your box and type installentware, reboot when prompted and that’s it, opkg will be available when your box comes back online.


Thanks for this, sounds like it’s right up my alley.

Now that i understand this a little better: cool!

I only knew of Docker.

Very creative and will give more power to those who want to expand on what these boxes can do without bloating by default.

Happy days!

I’ve been using Entware on my QNAP server for over 3 years, so this feature is much appreciated! Hopefully, newcomers will find Entware useful too! As there are a lot of guides and tutorials out there on how to install specific packages, the task should be achievable by most people :slight_smile:

@CI6N0Z your right, entware is so incredibly easy to use, far easier than using hacky addons and something I truly believe that the power users here will truly appreciate.

I vote yes, using this on asus routers and it is just helps you to increase usage of our TV boxes, easy to add small applications / clients and can make our life easier :wink:

Definite yes, my AML s912 box is basically my home server, running all PVR and download services and file sharing with 2 connected hard drives.

Yes please! Would this package manager enable easy installation of emulators on AML based coreelec installs?

I was not aware of Entware prior to this thread (new to Arm & embedded devices), so got a bit of reading to do … especially around the methods used for packaging and sandboxing.

I will try the test release and see how I get on.

In principle, I am completely in favour of having this as an option.

Anything that expands the possible use of CE in conjunction with a cheap AMLogic device is highly desirable IMO.

Thank you. :smiley:

Just an update … tar went in without a problem.
Installed Entware without a problem.
Added a package without a problem.

Looks really good!

Now the problems start when I try to correctly use what I install :smiley:

Works like a sharm :ok_hand:
Just copied config from router to box and it works.

If I knew what a sharm was, that would (most likely) be useful info :laughing:

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One of packages was an astra package (alternative for udpxy).
Now there are no priority issues on router and as a result, no lags of the picture while somebody watch IPTV and somebody at home overload router wireless.