Kodi restarts after monitor is turned on

I often run Kodi Matrix headless with LCDProc to listen to radio but find that if I don’t power on the monitor before using Kodi, if I turn on the monitor to watch TV, Kodi exits cleanly and then restarts and I have to wait for PVR to start up again.

Is there anyway to avoid this (whatever this POSIX signal is)

2021-06-22 09:30:21.628 T:5252     INFO <general>: Quitting due to POSIX signal
2021-06-22 09:30:21.671 T:5252     INFO <general>: Stopping player
2021-06-22 09:30:21.671 T:5252     INFO <general>: Storing total System Uptime
2021-06-22 09:30:21.671 T:5252     INFO <general>: Saving settings
2021-06-22 09:30:21.689 T:5252     INFO <general>: Saving skin settings
2021-06-22 09:30:21.691 T:5252     INFO <general>: Stopping all


The system can not read the EDID when the screen is off.

Why using a media center headless? :rofl:

You can stop/start/disable the kodi.service to have a “headless” system.
Or you can try to dump disp_cap:

Sorry not fully headless, I navigate, play, stop and change radio stations quickly using LCDProc and I send the audio output via analog, works great.


So I created disp_cap which is a list of resolution as suggested but it still exits on the POSIX signal


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