Le Potato, Live TV and frame skips

I just received the Le Potato board to replace my RPi3. After setting everything up I noticed an issue. I get a lot of frame skips with 4K TV channels. I did more testing and also noticed some frame skips on H.264 1080i channels as well (but not nearly as bad as on 4K channels).
I use DVBSky S960 USB tuner directly connected to Le Potato. The issue only occur with live TV, there are no issues when playing a recording.

I use CE built from current master.
Debug log

Any ideas how to fix this?

Not hardware issue

@routir did you quote me in the wrong thread?

Tried different dynamic_buf_num_margin values (16, 32, 64, 128) but that didn’t fix it.

I think it’s related.

dynamic_buf_num_margin is only for h265 content in which case those values are way to high, its increments of 2 and not double.

As other user said it’s related to other similar issues and is not a hardware issue.

Looks like it drops frames only when I run both VDR server and VNSI client on the same device. When I use it only as a VNSI client (VDR server on another device) there are no frame drops.
This is odd because even RPi3 can handle VDR + VNSI with no issues.

I was wrong - it still skips frames on interlaced TV channels (1080i AVC). I get about 20-30 skipped frames per hour. Is this a general issue with Amlogic deinterlacing? I don’t see this issue on Raspberry Pi or x86.