LG OLED 65B8 No video HDR content [Solved Bad Quality HDMI Cable]

Hi cdu13a

Just replied to your other post you tagged me in, things are not working again :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Settled down to watch some 4k as been hectic recently so not been time for any 4k action. Were on 9.0.1 and cannot play 4k again with the toggles both off. Both the toggles you mention above are off, however I am getting no signal when trying to play 4k. The GUI is set to 1080p as suggested. If I set it to 4096x 2160 or 3840 resolution 4k starts to work.

If I limit display depth using the 8 bit toggle all works ok as well but with the toggle off 4k (10bit) I am assuming is not working.

If I turn 8 bit toggle off and use the 4.2.2 toggle on then 4k will start playing but when I press stop Kodi seems to go back to no signal or is not switching back, If I press stop Kodi freezes up and I have to reboot the box to get a signal back. This is when using 1080p resolution. If I use 4096 or 3840 resolutions then it will work ok.

Can only get 4k working by setting resolution to 4096x2160 or 3840x2160 and turning on 4.2.2 colour subsampling toggle. If I set it to 1080p as suggested it doesn’t work and I get no signal.

If I use 1080p resolution I have to turn the limit display depth to 8bit and it seems to work correctly in 4k but of course it’s not 10bit.

Everything else results in no signal.

We need dispinfo output when you get no signal.
And please remind us, what brand and model is your TV?

LG B8 65" - seemed to be fine before these updates when we were last mesaaging.

log-2019-04-07-18.50.22.zip (653.2 KB)

Logs attached… This was with 4.2.2 enabled and 1080p resolution.

That’s not the dispinfo output.

Sorry I thought I had provided same logs as last time?

You need to play the video, SSH into the box and type dispinfo. It’ll spit out a URL with the log which you can post here.

Edit: Just dispinfo, no | paste needed.

Ok will have to post TMRW as my brother needs to be on hand to do it.

4k seems to work of any resolution with both toggles off and gui resolution set to 4096. Of course then normal TV can stutter.

What’s changed as we had got this working before, TV has same brand new certified hdmi cable. Turning to 8bit all works ok but it’s in 8 bit.

4096x2160 is the wrong resolution to use. You should be using 3840x2160.
I don’t what version you were using before, but nothing changed recently.

Yes I just get no signal if I try to switch to that in settings.

I thought we were meant to use 1080p?

Without dispinfo output, there’s no way for us to tell you what is wrong.
The idea is that as long as the resolution of the video is equal or greater, it will automatically switch into the correct resolution/refresh rate. I guess that when you set res to 4096, it doesn’t switch resolutions anymore and so everything seems like it’s working.

For me to be able to select 3840 resolution I have to turn on 4.2.2 toggle but then most 4k stuff doesn’t work and I get no signal on most 4k content.

It seems it’s the 10bit stuff that ain’t working.

Do you have UHD Deep Color enabled in the TV settings for the HDMI port the CE box is connected to?

Yes it automatically turns on

Then it would be useful for us to know which modes exactly do not work in 10-bit.
Does 25/50FPS and 30/60FPS content work? (there are 4K HDR demos you can get to try)
Does only 24FPS content give you no signal?

Everything works with 8 bit toggle on and display set to 3840. Although I though this should be 1080p?

Yes I get that 8-bit content works. None of us has a 2018 series OLED, so we can’t test this internally.
We will need dispinfo output while playing content that gives you no signal.

And you also have to be using the latest version of CE available. (9.0.1)

With the 8bit toggle off I can’t even switch to the 3840 GUI resolution just get no signal. Only 4096 works. I’m using 9.0.1.

With the 4.2.2 toggle on I can then select 3840 resolution and play some content but 59fps stuff will not work.

Also with resolution set to 1080p, confused why you say it should be 3840 as we’ve always been told it needs to be 1080p, no 4k content works?

I have read back through this post and it seems like the exact same problem as before. I tried many test sample videos before.

Putting on 4.2.2 seems to let some things play but others do not play.

Whatever @cdu13a did in https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cre_XZ29ilOeePwoNaBGJz4eVuH-jIYg fixed it and now it’s broken again on the new build.