Logitech Harmony 650 responsiveness problem

Hi there :wink:

My setup:

Odroid N2 4GB, 16GB eMMC, WiFi Archer T2U Nano AC600, latest CoreELEC Offcial Build, Logitech Harmony 650 remote.

I set up everything to my needs - everything is woring fine except the remote.

I set up my remote using this guide:

Remote is still little laggy, hard to explain. Anyway.

On the above guide there is this part which says:

" and by adding the following commands to /storage/.config/autostart.sh

ir-ctl -t 50000
ir-keytable -D 375 -P 100

I did that but remote feels the same.

Now, I know that there are two ways of configuring remotes:

But the fact is, I did not use any of them. My remote just works.

My question is: how to use this code:

“ir-ctl -t 50000
ir-keytable -D 375 -P 100”

knowing that I did not used meson-ir?

So, how my remote works without meson-ir anyway?


My Harmony 650 is working well “out of the box” with CE 9.2.1.
On My Harmony software I use for odroid N2 MCE RC6 remote (Media Center PC - Microsoft windows media center)

What exactly you entered on My Harmony while setting up your remote?

Like I was saying.

My remote works “fine” - it just isn’t as snappy as it should, ex: sometimes first key press is not registered or there is this lag between the time I press the button and it’s response on the screen. There are some tricks I could use I mentioned on my first post but I don’t know how to use them.

With Logitech software on a PC you can tune your Harmony 650 responsiveness…

Yes, like I was saying.

I set up my Logitech using this guide:

and YES, I also tweaked Device Delay Settings in My Harmony App. It helped, but still, my problems remains.

Problem solved with this entry: