Logitech Harmony bluetooth setup with CE


I’m trying to connect my harmony remote via bluetooth, but when i go to CE settings -> Bluetooth
the list is flickering, like it is constantly refreshing, I can see my remote BT appearing in the list and disappearing almost instantly, so I dont have time to select it.

Does anyone experiencing the same issue ? Any known workaround ?
I already tried to disable / enable BT then restart the device, but still same issue :confused:

My device is a Minix U9H

Thank you

Just to comment that you’re not alone with this problem.
I gave up and just used IR. Too bad tho because it’s a lot slower…

So it’s actually working now for me, but I did nothing in particular…

  1. I connect via ssh and checked the bluetooth version with below 2 commands:
    systemctl status bluetooth
    bluetoothctl --version

  2. Then, I gave up and let the box running idle for several hours.

When I came back to it, to my surprise bluetooth was stable and all my devices were listed correctly. I then was able to connect my remote via bluetooth and it’s now working flawlessly for almost 24h so far.

Which device did u add on the logitech?
Anything extra that u did?

I’m using the profile microsoft / Media Center.
But no i didnt do anything special on CE or Kodi.

After, on another thread i posted, the CE devs mentioned I didnt use the right device tree, that could be the cause.
Maybe you should check if you are using the correct device tree.

It worked for me with adding as entertainment device.
Manufacturer: Microsoft

The experience is much better! :smile:
Feels very snappy now.

Thank you! Finally got rid of the anoyying IR…

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I’m having the same flickering problem - did you add CE to the Harmony as an entertainment device Microsoft | Kodi, then CE was able to detect the remote? Or is there another step?

Thanks, Carl.

Yes, added as entertainment device. Microsoft, Kodi

That did it - thanks.

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This helped, thank you!