Looking for users with no working WiFi or BT

New issue on X96 Max+ Ultra S905X4 4GB RAM 100Mbps Ethernet device
I have CE-NE 21 nightly installed on MicroSD with DTB sc2_s905x4_4g.dtb file.
The WiFi Chip on this box is AM7256 WiFi+BT chip (aka Amlogic w1-aml, aml-w1)

On nightlies up to 20230509 WiFi Works
on 20230525 WiFi not detected
on 20230527 WiFi not detected

Any chance this could be looked into. Thanks

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Same here.
I switched back to CE-ne 20 nightly and WIFI works fine.

And logs got lost?

unfortunately have no idea How to get logs out with no network connectivity.
If you can advise then yes, will generate logs and submit

Try this image with reverted iwd and used wpa_supplicant again.

Ah yes, that was it. WIFI works again fine with this image

Thanks, the WiFI SSIDs are now showing up and connecting correctly with this image

Thanks for the revert, WiFi working fine again on X96 Max+ Ultra aml-w1 with 20230528 nightly

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Would like to request support for the 8832AU chipset. Using 21.0-Omega_alpha1 (Amlogic-ng.arm) on Odroid N2. Anything I can run/collect to help?


Driver source for Linux? Vid:pid log?

Googled and couldn’t find much in the way of a driver I’m afraid. Not sure where that kind of thing typically shows up. Also not sure how to generate a VID:PID log, if you have instructions on that, would appreciate it.

The driver for this device wasn’t even in Windows by default, nor could be found via Windows Update. Had to use the driver USB stick that they included with it, and of course that’s for Windows only which doesn’t help. I think this is a fairly uncommon chipset, either that or too new to be popular. No biggie if too much of a challenge to incorporate.


I think you will be out of luck for some time:

@vpeter WiFI stopped working again on 20230620 CE21NE nightly on X96Max+ Ultra which has the aml-w1 WiFi+BT chipset
rolling back to 20230616 gets the WiFI working again.
Please help

I see no change which could make wifi stop working.
Can you make me dmesg after reboot on both image versions and post url you get?

dmesg | paste

Anyone else has same issue?

This is from the 20230616 nightly

Will have to see how to get that from the latest nightly as there is no network.
If i connect to wired port and generate dmesg will it be relevant?

False Alarm. Sorry about this
Flashed a new SDCard with 20230620 CE-NE nightly and tried it and WiFi works correctly

Thanks for the confirmation @vpeter

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I have the same box, the past few days it managed to drive me crazy -almost :slight_smile:
The wifi SOMETIMES worked, sometimes it would not work no matter what. I did not know what could be wrong. Rebooting never helped.
What always helped, it rebooting the router (!) -although it is certain that it was not a router problem, as 2 laptops, a TV and all mobile phones in the house were connecting just fine
Now: After reading this, i switched back to 0616, and initially nothing changed. I had to reboot for one last time the router and the tvbox to make it work. Now its working perfectly. Looks stable.

Moral: There ARE glitches in the Matrix, no question about it. There ARE double cats, learn to love it, dont fight it :stuck_out_tongue:

Aha! Can it be something power-related? **Something affecting power management maybe/ voltages related?
Why i am saying this: I just noticed that with latest version i only see one wifi (mine) with a low signal strength about 50 - 55… (Used to be 70)
Also, i used to see a bunch of other weaker wifi signals in the list, from nearby houses. Now all those are gone. Feels like a “weaker wifi function” :face_exhaling:

Mystery solved in my case, it was WLAN Band Steering, a setting in wifi router allowing the connected devices to receive data in either 2Ghz or 5Ghz channels, whichever it more appropriate at any given time. Apparently NOT fully compatibe with this box wifi chip current driver.
Solution was to set two separate wifi networks, one in 2.4Ghz (compatible with older devices in the house) and one at 5Ghz. The TVbox connected fine at the 5Ghz network, which is more than enough in terms of transfering my files (i dont use wire at all, just wireless connection)
I did replicate a couple of times to verify this is the reason indeed, so, for me, problem solved, all good! :slight_smile:

H96 max W2

wifi and bt no work

dmesg http://ix.io/4ANP

udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/* | paste



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udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/* | paste