Lot of confusion how to install, please help!

Thank you for your kind help, I’ve read all around and I can’t find a proper guide, sorry, maybe some topics are dated and the procedure can be different now. I have a x96 air, I don’ t know which model I have (p1/p2/p3), I can just read on the back 2gb/16gb. What should I do to install CoreELEC on it ?

  1. How to know exactly the x96 version I have? To don’t brick it
  2. I’ve downloaded CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.2-Matrix_rc2-Generic.img.gz and I choose s905X 2GB model, somewhere I read I need to download DTB and install it, where? I can’t find where download, and which exact file I need? thanks
  3. Shoud I use and SD card and Rufus? Or can I try to flash directly from recovery (a signature will need).
  4. If I need rufus, how can I boot with SD? Simply insert SD and power on? Or should I go to recovery?

Thank you a lot for help!

Read this please:

Yours is a S905x3 With 2GB ram so just chose dtb for that one.

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thank you for your kind help!

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